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Change in phonics - help!!!!

Discussion in 'English' started by verry2005, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. verry2005

    verry2005 New commenter


    I am an NQT and I have just completed my first term in year one. Over the years my schools phonics results have been static and there's currently a big push on improving the results. We have been using the Read Write Inc. scheme however the school has decided that it's obviously not working as the results haven't improved.

    Within RWI, I had three groups (lower, middle and top ability) and we all split off into different rooms and worked within RWI. The lower ability were still working on single sounds but began to look at the digraph 'th'. The middle ability started on Set 2 'ay', 'ee' and 'igh', and the higher ability were just about to start Set 3. Despite being grouped into 3 groups, there are some children who were/are making limited progress in their phonics and are now in a phonics intervention in the EYFS, but there are also some children that are making accelerated progress within phonics.

    My school has decided that after Christmas, we will teach phonics as a whole class. The phonics sessions are 40 minutes and they have proposed that we teach to the whole class for 20 minutes, then the final 20 minutes are spent in groups focusing on their specific needs. Although the school has not decided to 'come off' of RWI they have decided that it's not the best phonics scheme for our children; but they have not decided to move onto another phonics scheme either. Therefore phonics will now be mainly RWI in the sense that we will still teach the children the phonemes in sets and in order, but there will be some activities used that are not RWI.

    My main issue is that I have a broad range of abilities in my class...from children that do not know the first 5 sounds to children that are working on split digraphs and alternative spellings. I don't know where to pitch the whole class teaching in regards to what sound to work on together nor do I know what activities to use to make the learning exciting and engaging for all of the children. Likewise, I don't know whether to keep the three groups the same once we split off after the whole class teaching, and then carry on with RWI activities like we did before Christmas or whether to change that too?! I also have some very pushy parents as well...

    Has anyone got any ideas as to how I can go about teaching phonics in this new way? Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated!! Thank you :)
  2. roamingteacher

    roamingteacher Established commenter Forum guide

    Stations with different activities?

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