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Change from PGCE post16 to PGCE Sec - Is it possible??

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Alec2005, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. If you already have considerable teaching experience in post-16 setting, then GTP is a good option (as you are paid while gaining QTS) or even QTS by assessment (offered by Univ of Gloucestershire - http://www.tda.gov.uk/Recruit/thetrainingprocess/typesofcourse/qts.aspx).
    PGCE is always an option, but it's usually full-time and tuition fees are payable. You are entitled to student support, plus training bursary.
  2. As Alec suggests, a second PGCE is not really what you need, rather you need a route to QTS. GTP is a possibility but there are other flexible routes to QTS that any GTP provider would be able to discuss with you. I know of someone who was in just your position who managed to obtain an 'unqualified teacher' post in a school and then enter a 'fast track' process to the award of QTS. That would need the support of a school, but is a possibility. Talk asap to a GTP provider in your area who will be able to discuss your precise situation.
  3. Thanks for your replies Alec & Bob
    As I have a degree in Sociology (non NC subject) and teach vocational based childcare courses at the moment to adults finding a school to take/offer me up work seems like a up hill struggle!
    With both those issues I think my strongest chance to move into sec teaching is the PGCE in the new diploma teaching (SHD), am just afraid having done a PGCE before would place me in a weak position as a applicant!
    Also am not getting any younger so have I really left it too late - which I suppose I have to anwser myself?
  4. Beware of the Diploma PGCE route.
    My Secondary PGCE tutor told me that many people on the Diploma courses have asked to transfer to Secondary PGCE as very few schools are now teaching Diplomas and with the new Government, it's not sure whether they will continue.
    Just something to consider!
  5. ThaThanks for the reply katie, I was hoping gaining the QTS with the PGCE would hold me in a stronger position that I am in at the m,oment when it comes to teaching within secondary. They can't be getting rid that quickly can they??
  6. To be perfectly honest I don't know when they will be stopped. From the experience I have had in schools Diploma style course are being phased out.
    From the information which has been passed onto me, it's quite difficult to find schools which are teaching the Diploma, and then your qualification would only allow you to teach the Diploma, unless you had a very understanding department. (unless I am mistaken)
    My tutor advised a Secondary PGCE rather than the Diploma as it allows you more options. At the end of the day it's personal choice, but it might be worth questioning the security of a Diploma qualification at an interview. Give you peace of mind.

    Hope I haven't put a dampener on things?
  7. not at all given me some thing to think about before I take on ANOTHER PGCE, cost etc really

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