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Chancel Repair Liability

Discussion in 'Personal' started by impulce, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. So, one of the searches for the house im buying has come back stating that the house is in a chancel repair liability area, and if the church needs repairing they are within their rights to demand we all contribute!
    I am atheist, and actually found this laughable. What an archaeic law!
    They are asking if I want indemnity insurance, so considering ive never heard of this before my question to you helpful bunch is; Is it worth it? Is it expensive? Is it actually likely to happen considering the house is in a built up suburb of many people? I dont even know where the church is!!
  2. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    The Government have intervened and a Transitional Provisions Order was made which came into effect on the 13th October 2003. This order effectively means that ALL chancel repair obligations will cease on the 13th October 2013 unless a the chancel of any Church has noted their interest in any particular property or land with the land registry before this date.
    The end is in sight!
  3. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Christ on a bike! I envy you pair. I just worry about beating the neds from the door!
  4. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    nomad, I swear you can find the answer to anything!
    Are you Jeeves in disguise? [​IMG]
  5. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Nomad has a nomadic mind - he knows no boundaries and wanders everywhere [​IMG]
  6. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    My mind wanders all the time. Just never anywhere useful!
  7. Thanks Nomad - I did find that out upon googling which is good, but wondered if I should be getting insurance in the meantime?
  8. I had never heard of this until recently when some couple found themselves liable for the repair of the church next-door. WHen I bought a house in April last year the solicitor pushed heavily for me to do a search about this, if I remember rightly. I was paying cash so didn't need it for a mortgage, and as there are a lot of houses around it which have been there a long time I took a chance. Presuming you need a mortgage you could contact the mortgage company, maybe? Not that, in my experience they are anything other than useless. I don't think I have much to contribute to this thread, really, in hindsight.
  9. Thanks for the advice, but theres no way im contacting the mortgage company - they seem to be finding any reason at all to deny in the current climate and now its all going head im not going to do anything that might potentially hinder it :p
    The solicitors have said we dont have to do anything at all, but have offered this insurance...think I will take the risk.
  10. <font size="2">I had a similar experience when buying a house. My search revealed that I was liable for Chancel Repair and my solicitor suggested that I get the insurance. I thought it was a bit ridiculous to &ndash; but I called this company called CLS and they were really helpful. It only cost me about &pound;50 and I am now covered for 25 years. It is worth giving them a call....at least then you can find out all the facts. </font>
  11. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    When I sold my mother's house last year, the Solicitor suggested I pay a small fee, so that I and future owners would not be liable for the fee.
    It started because some dope challenged the charge, he was taken to court, lost, appealed, lost again and was hit with a huge legal bill.
    Pay pennies - save pounds.
  12. Ive refused the insurance on the basis that if it only costs &pound;50 for 25 years, they obviously dont have to pay out very often!
    There's a reason other insurances are so high...
  13. I paid this too. At the time i thought it was a pisstake to be honest but i am the sort to lie awake at night worrying about the local church roof falling off so i just rolled my eyes and paid...
  14. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    my friend is a churchwarden. repair bills are huge, and he looks after a tiny church. spend the &pound;50.
  15. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    It's an historical thing. Most land we live on at one time belonged to the church. These old 'peppercorn' payments are still valid today, but rarely enforced.
  16. interesting comment left at the end of that one Bauble
  17. Indeed, flutts. Still, why can't God pay for it...He must have a few bob stashed away.
  18. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    I think that was the case my solicitor told me about.

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