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Chance of work in the first week back?!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Harriet_20, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Hi Everybody,

    I hope everyone had a relaxing break and are feeling refreshed for the new year! :)

    I just wanted to know what the chances are of getting work in this first week back? In the county in which I live some schools don't go back until the 6th! I have told both my agencies that I won't officially start back until the 10th, which sounds long but I just can't be doing with getting up at 6.30 waiting for nothing, which is what happened to me the week after October half-term!! I'm just curious really! he he

    Thanks x
  2. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    You never know.... someone might have fallen on the snow/ice and broken a leg or may have got flu (maybe of the swine variety).
  3. I've managed to get 2 weeks possibly more at a local school which I am really glad about and know I am very lucky. Hopefully it'll continue and work will pick up this term as last term was awful. Hope you all get something unless you want more time off! :)
  4. I had a call this afternoon. I've got the rest of this week and possibly the start of next week! I'm definately happy and surprised about this as I didn't expect to get anything until next week at the earliest. It's due to a staff illness at the school. Also the fact I will do early years has helped.
  5. Annoyingly since I have no car at the moment unless I know in advance the night before that I have work... 8.45 call this morning that I can't do - grr.
  6. amykins959

    amykins959 New commenter

    I was in shock yesterday! i got a call for one day supply (thats mainly what i do grrr) for a school I had been to before. Now today (Weds) there is nothing. Isn't it annoying getting up, dressed, make your packed lunch, eat breakfast (when you feel sick as its too early to eat!) and wait, and wait for the phone to ring. Then at 8.40 i start the ring around. "Well its quiet, being the first day propper back" and "We are just ringing round all the schools." Maybe tommorow eh?
    I count myself lucky to have a maternity cover teaching food tech (my subject!) starting next week until July. However they are giving me the run arround with a 2 week timetable doing different days each week which initially was 2 days per week, to now being 3 half days and one full day one week, and 2 half days and a full day the other. Obviously this isn't great as I get half the money and loose the opportunity of gaining a full days money working elsewhere. Its also about 15-20 miles each way. With high petrol costs, which are the same whether I work a full or half, I think I might have to think carefully about this job. Just when things were looking up!
    My other option is to retrain to do primary (I know I can already do this as I am a qualified secondary teacher.) However I don't feel confident going in and teaching literacy and numeracy when I have been teaching food tech for 6 years. Oh the joys!
    Any advice anyone?
  7. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Seriously? Have you looked how many experienced Primary teachers out there who can't get jobs? I'm not saying you shouldn't try for it, 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' as they say but to expect to 'walk in' to a job you might be in for a shock.
  8. amykins959

    amykins959 New commenter

    I don't expect to walk into a primary job - I am not that obnoxious. My point was would it be fair to employ me when there are 1000's of qualified primary teachers out there. I want to go in fully prepared - thus want to RETRAIN to do primary. However the TDA were next to useless - theres nothing out there!! You are a qualified secondary teacher and can therefore teach primary too!
    Does anyone know if there is ANYTHING I can do except get experience?
  9. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I take back my earlier comments about not holding my breath waiting for work this week - just been offered three days and a vague hint of longer term. I'm not holding my breath about the longer term though, as the same school has let me down before on that one.

    Does your LEA run re-start courses for people who've taken time out (typically to bring up kids) and need an update on current Primary practice?
  10. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Sorry if that sounded harsh, it wasn't inrended to!
    I just wanted you to be aware of the difficulties, many people experience After 17 yrs of trying to secure that all-elusive permanent post, after trying to return to teaching after having my family, has made me more aware of pitfalls & on occasion a little pessimistic. My apologies! You may notice I did encourage you to try- after all I still am & will continue to do so.
    Your point about RETRAINING is that few LAs now run this facility as too many teachers with relevant qualifications are out there, so TDA were probably just being realistic.
    My best advice is to try doing volunteer work, supply work, work with children in any area to put on your applications. You'll need to prove your capability to teach all subjects right across the curriculu, so any hobbies etc which prove a good general knowledge would be good. I survive on numerous longer-term temporary posts & over that time have done art /maths/ english/ business studies DT/ postswith KS3 as well as Primary teaching on supply. I have run drama clubs, ICT clubs & can generally provide some relevant experience for nearly every area of the curriculum.
    My advice would be to take the Dom Sci posts for now-regular work is difficult to come by & then try to have as varied an experience as possible on supply.
  11. VelvetChalk

    VelvetChalk New commenter

    I got a half day at a school tomorrow so Im quite pleased, the agency also said that work is picking up fast so hopefully back to my 3 days a week soon. :)
  12. amykins959

    amykins959 New commenter

    Thanx for your advice Lara.
    Things are looking up though! I got a call today out of the blue for a full time food job. The only drawback is the 30 miles drive each way but they have upped my daily rate and i will get expenses etc. I hope that it turns out ok.
    I need to do more stuff so will look for voluntary work with primary aged kids my area. :)

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