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challenging schools initiative payment issue

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jubbsxx, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. When i joined my school as an NQT last june, i answered an advert that contained the challenging schools initiative payment as a carrott dangle to a new academy in the poorest ward in England.

    I have been in the job since, and asked at the beginning of the year when i would receive the first installment of the challenging schools initiative as my first year would be up in june.

    I have not received an answer, and after many conversations with the finance department have been told its been 'forwarded to head office'. that was three months ago! I have emailed, spoken and generally harassed the finance team and keep getting the answer 'no one knows about this' ;' its a new one by me!' 'its with head office if you can have anything or not'. Surely if it was advertised with the job (which they tried to say it wasnt until i found the job luckily still on TES) the i am entitled to it? God knows i work hard, and have pretty much done my NQT year and passed so far with flying colours.

    What should i do and where do i stand with regards to this extra 10K i was promised?
    please help as i feel i am digging a hole and causing waves and worried i will be singled out as a trouble maker, but i am not rich by any stretch and otehr teachers i know in the area are getting in happily from their schools, who have not made them have to even ask for it! I am sure i and otehr teachers recruited would never have been paid it, or mentioned if i had not brought it up.

  2. Do keep a copy of the job advert and contact your union. They may be able to take this up on your behalf. Ultimately it could lead to legal action, but perhaps the union would help on this. If you are aware of others in other schools who get the payment then if you can cite schools (rather than individuals) who receive it they could contact them to find out how to pay it.

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