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Challenging levels in yr9 class

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by srfranklin55, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. I am teaching in an international school. I have a mixed ability year 9 class ranging from level 2 to level 8 (i'm intending to teach the level 8 from the year 10 syllabus this year). A new student joined at Easter and he sat his IGCSE exam in june and pleasingly achieved an A. We currently do not offer A level maths and i'm not too keen to go in this direction. The SMT are keen for the student to stay in the class and to improve his social skills and his parents would like for him to make progress. Has anybody else had a similar problem? thanks in anticipation for your help.

  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    The UKMT mentoring schemes have lots of resources you could use, and they're organised into coherent programmes.

    NRICH - loads of resources - you can probably find suitable tasks related to what your next group down are doing. They've got a new site, wild maths, which might also be useful.
  3. PFCDaz

    PFCDaz New commenter

    If you want to offer something that results in a qualification, Free Standing Maths Qualifications are designed with enrichment/extension beyond GCSE in mind. OCR and AQA both offer them.

    If not Nrich (already suggested) is an excellent source of ideas and resources.

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