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Challenging in Geography

Discussion in 'Geography' started by anon_555, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. How about some open-ended questions around a photograph or a World problem (e.g. climate change and how we can help). I've just bought some photo cubes and put photos of landscapes (including Africa) in each of them. Children roll it and have to ask/write questions about the picture its landed on. Someone else can then try and answer the questions using the picture. However, it may be less work (it's taken weeks to sort out the photos, laminated, correct size etc) to just give laminated photos and children can choose photos, question and then discuss. Also, how about some map work challenge sheets - What is the difference between the British Isles and Great Britain? How can we measure distance on a map? How many countries begin with the letter A?
    hope this helps.

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