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Challenging Homophobia sessions - alternative to Stonewall's FIT DVD needed please

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by wiglums, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Hi
    We have a Year 10 collapsed timetable morning coming up.

    As much as I like the Stonewall FIT DVD the feedback I got from session leaders was mixed and I was wondering if anyone could suggest an alternative.

    I am after a clip no longer than 20 mins to lead into discussion, but am open to suggestions.

    Thank you for any help you are able to give.

  2. In what way was the feedback mixed? I run a gay-straight alliance at school and we've watched the 'Fit' dvd in stages, discussing issues in each 'chapter' in each session. The kids actually loved it and identified with the characters and issues - maybe the session leaders could think about what the kids might get from it instead?
    Another option, though, could be to use some of the 'It Gets Better' material on youtube - there are lots of videos, and you could start with the original one which outlines some of the hardships that gay kids (or those perceived to be gay) go through.
    Hope this helps - and thanks for even thinking about using 'Fit' in school; the more that homophobia is addressed the better! :)
  3. Hi

    Thanks for your response! We did go ahead and use FIT again this week and the feedback was better than last year - perhaps the teachers were just not used to the material last time!
    The children - boys - thought the main guy was too camp and would have prefered someone "normal" (their words, not mine!) and I know what they mean, but they really liked the humour and the contemporary feel of it. I show the opening 15 minutes when he starts the lesson so should maybe choose another section for next time.
    I will definitely look at the other materials you suggest - thank you.
    The topic in general is very well received by pupils and parents alike, so we are getting somewhere!
    Thanks again
  4. Schools Out is much better than Stonewall. They are teachers themselves.

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