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Challenges for English faculties over the next 5 years

Discussion in 'English' started by heulwyn, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. heulwyn

    heulwyn New commenter

    I'm applying for a 2i/c job in my English and Media faculty and I have to create a presentation on the challenges English and Media faculties face over the next five years. I have to mention National challenges too. Can anyone help with ideas? I've got some ideas such as raising reading levels, communication and consistency and sharing excellent practice. I would be really grateful for any ideas, thanks :)
  2. Look at the Ofsted criteria for English departments. I would base my presentation around those categories. Teaching and learning, leadership and management, achievement etc.

    Immediate issues that spring to mind for challenges are what to do next with APP, since the government's white report, the ebac, A*-C, 2 levels of progress, intervention procedures, national challenge etc...
  3. heulwyn

    heulwyn New commenter

    Thank you so much for this!
  4. Spassky

    Spassky New commenter

    Increased pressure in the subject due to Gove's plans to raise the bar to 50% 5A-C with English and Maths is a biggie for many places, not to mention E-bac.The likelihood of a 100% exam course too.
  5. How about the continuing impact of new technologies in and outside of the classroom. Impact of social networking, mobile phones etc. How technology can be embraced in the English classroom, e.g. kindles, flip cameras etc.

    I think the previous suggestion of linking to Ofsted criteria is a good one, especially as the profile of literacy has been seriously raised across the curriculum in the new Ofsted framework. You could talk about making greater links with primary colleagues to improve transition and share good practice, especially looking at reading strategies such as phonics.

    That's all I can think of right now!

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