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Challenges facing Bus Ed teachers??

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by moocow82, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. The obvious change is the introduction of the finance and business diploma from this September. This is likely to have a knock on effect on student numbers on traditional Business courses. In our school we tend to get the less academic students and (wrongly) they are being encouraged down the diploma route.
    The increasing applied nature of courses is making it very difficult just to stay in the classroom and teach. You have to network and create opportunities for your school and students with local businesses.
    I hope this is a start.

  2. hi! i was just wondering how you got on with your interview? i have mine next week and i'm really nervous! I just dont know where to start. i'm from ireland and i'm not familiar with the new diplomas. i'd be grateful if somebody would shed a bit of light on the situation for me!
  3. curiculum for excellence? may affect you?
  4. Hi my name is Zoe and I too have an interview for a secondary course in Bus. Studies and have the same presentation. I would really appreciate it if you could answuer my questions below.
    Are there any other changes to the curriculum in business studies? I was at first interested in primary teaching, but found that I missed being involved with my BA in marketing. Have you worked outside of the teaching profession? I ask because I wonder if being able to give real life examples within teaching bus. studies needs a person with experiance and since I only have limited experiance I wonder how good a teacher I would make.

    Do you find the behaviour of student to be challenging?
    My final question was do you find that students take bus. studies thinking its an easy option? I had some feedback from students that said they felt it was an easy option, but found it to be quite the opposite.

    Thanks hope to hear soon.
  5. When you talk about point one does that mean recruitment for business studies? I looked at the OCR and BTEC and the BTEC does not seem to cover the same material.
  6. Also I have tried to look for the specs for bus studies in BTEC and OCR and applied GCSE, but there are just some many is there anyones in particular to pay attention to? Anyone that outlines the course because I have not been able to find that!?!

    i appreciate all the help, I grew up in the American system and I am more familiar with that one than the British.

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