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Challenge me to find a cheaper flight for your holiday!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by lapinrose, May 15, 2008.

  1. Thank you EG..will investigate further! x
  2. henriette

    All london Gatwick

    Easyjet £154.98
    Thomson £283.98
    Meridiana £224.60

    per person

  3. Abe


    2 adults - London - las vegas, 22nd july, 7 days.

    can you find any bargains??

  4. waikatoriv

    asda travel online
    using singapore airlines


    plus if you use TOPCASHBACK ( i know I keep saying it but you might as well if you are going to book it!)


    which is £1207.83!

  5. abe

    If you want direct

    £671 x2 = £1342

    (- 2.5% if you use topcashback so for 2 people -£1308.45)

    or indirect

    £492.70 ( via detroit)


  6. Abe


    thank you. £492 is a bit cheaper than i found (£506) via detroit. where did you find £492?
  7. asda travel online

    AND if you did get cashback it would be

    £480.38 x2 = £960.77

  8. Anyone else?

    Leaving date:
    Return date:
    How many people?:
    Are any under 26 or a student(how many)?:
    Do you mind stop-overs?:
    what's you best price?
    already booked? yes/no
    anything else:
  9. My son, flying to Melbourne, Australia, one way, to arrive on the 17th July, preferably flying out from Heathrow or Gatwick. (He does want to come home but doesn't know whether he is going travelling or for how long....)
  10. Mandala

    Is he under 26/student?
  11. He's a 19 year old student!
  12. stopovers - - he can't afford hotel accomodation anywhere.
  13. i'm not sure you're allowed into oz without a return flight are you? Or am I confusing that with somewhere else?!

    Will get back to you!
  14. Really? He's going on an exchange, he'll be coming back in November but he's not sure when exactly.

  15. Abe


    thank you for your help egyptiangirl!
  16. Stop over-kuala lumpur - Malaysia airlines

    Direct flights available

  17. Thanks very much!
  18. it might be worth his while getting a 'round the world ticket'

    try STA travel

  19. Would it be possible to post a link to that flight, Egyptiangirl? The cheapest Malaysian Airways flight I'm getting is £666.
  20. how about kenya for two weeks (ish) leaving any day after 28th July but no later than 14th August. I haven't been able to find anything less than £600.

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