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Challenge me to find a cheaper flight for your holiday!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by lapinrose, May 15, 2008.

  1. 7 days, any sat/sun end of july into august. thanks
  2. Any luck with mine EG? :)
  3. Here's a tricky one

    Saigon to Warsaw July 31st, return August 11th? This is for serious, by the way. KLM seems cheapest but it's still pots of dosh. Everyone else seems well over £1,000 rising to £2000.

    Help! I hope this inspires you. Please!
  4. OK I'm going to do everyone thus far tonight.
  5. Toobie

    30July - 20 Aug
    £204.98 ( no bags!)


  6. shalala

    Can't beat £200

    2nd-16th Aug

    £229.98 only

  7. craig2410

    Best on London-Toronto
    Aug 1-10


  8. Us please!

    Antalya, Turkey 5th August 7 days, 2 Adults

    So far £250 each

  9. giggirl

    Won't beat your salzburg!

    got £120.47

    Where is your lagos one from? London?
  10. somesay

    I assume you mean a week?

    Only direct flights I see are on saturdays from Gla to Pisa with ryanair

    So 5th-12th with Ryanair =£1069.55

    Non-direct with BA 1015.00

    But if you could do the journey to Edinburgh, it woud be a direct flight

    July 3rd-10th £884.90 Jet2

  11. I love this post!
    What about Newcastle to Paphos (return)anytime between 19th July - 23 August for 1 week, 2 adults. My best price is £620 which I think is great!!
  12. waikatoriv

    I can't really do stop overs. they do bizarre things like get you to fly from Man to Heathrow and then go to gatwick! Don't know why!

    Best price on direct

    Manbchester-Auckland ( stop over singapore but don't know if you can stay!)
    10th Aug - 1st Sept


  13. Just to check - I hope that people haven't booked already and the are asking me after you've booked ( someone did early in the thread!)

    Seems a bit pointless really! I'd rather look to save people money rather than for you to kick yourself!

  14. pinkcat

    Yours is tough! I assume you didn't want a flight for AVL-PHL?

    So the best I have found is seperate...

    LHR-PHL-LHR 7th Aug 23 aug
    3 people business
    £3590.70 ( -35.90 if you use topcashback!) on expedia

    11 aug phl-avl
    no direct flights

    via CLT
    £185.30 each

    TOTAL £4146.60

    Have no idea if thats a bargain or not!!


  15. homepatch

    Lower end of £1000!

    Saigon- Warsaw
    31st july - 11 aug

    £952.30 2 stops

  16. I haven't done any work on finding my flight to Australia via Thailand yet... can't give you a price as I haven't checked. Leave mid-December, stop over in Thailand, get to Oz for Christmas.

    Return early to mid-January, stop over back would be great, but not essential (anywhere).
  17. dianaprince

    Can't beat £250 I'm afraid.
    I would strongly recommend you booked those!

  18. S2007

    I hope I've interpreted your post correctly in that you can go any time between 19th July and 23rd aug?

    If so then,....

    Newcastle- Paphos

    30july-6 aug

    £538.37 for 2 people

    eurocypria airlines

  19. Anyone else want flights?

    Please copy and paste the following...

    Leaving date:
    Return date:
    How many people?:
    Do you mind stop-overs?:
    what's you best price?
    already booked? yes/no
    anything else:


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