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Challenge me to find a cheaper flight for your holiday!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by lapinrose, May 15, 2008.

  1. OK so best price is with Flybe at £131 but it leaves at 17.15. Would you be able to get there for that?!
    The latest flight leaves at 18.00 but is £290 with Brussels airlines.
    If you can get to Liverpool for 18.15 Easyjet have a flight which is £114.

  2. OK so Manchester Easyjet 11th-13th May is £68.98 which is the cheapest weekend at the moment. Doesn't include charges and baggage. Card charges £9. Total £77.98
    Flight times leaving 18.55 so should have plenty of time
  3. loopy28

    loopy28 New commenter

    You are my hero. Thank you! x
  4. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    Now here is a challenge!
    Ideal....leave UK 28th July, return 10/11/12 august

    Ideally flying into Las Vegas for a few days, then either freedom to drive to San Fransisco over the next week or fly to SF and take day trips out from there.

    Flying from either London or Manchester.

    Seems daft as the mo I can get 14 night in LV fr about £2,500 for two of us but that is JUST LV, when I looked at 5 nights it was only £300 cheaper!

    any options you fancy sharing?

  5. OK so let's start with the whole thing...
    A 'flight and hotel package' I've found is £ 2,119.22 (leaving 28th returning 12th) in Circus Circus hotel ( via Opodo)
    Laterooms have a few deals, cheapest being £2088.58 at a Days Inn wild west hotel!
    Flight only is £978 each (London). Hotels in Vegas are cheap so as you say probably worth getting the room for 14 days and travelling around for the sake of a few £s.
    Of course, if money is an issue but not time, you could have a stop-off on the flight and save a few hundred pounds each?
  6. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    having done a bit more researching.

    Flights - into LV and out of San fran = £1,600 (ebooker for 2)
    Hotel - Several nights in LV and on route and in SF £600 ish ($900) (tours-us.com
    Car hire £300 (as above)

    thats about where I am at!
  7. Hi
    I was wondering if you could have a look for a flight for me please?
    Leaving 16/08, returning 27/08
    Departing Machester to Havana (Jose Marti)
    1 Person
    Direct if possible but would do a short stop
    Best price was £890 (I think!)
    Thank you :)
  8. misterroy

    misterroy New commenter

    Munich to Stornoway return 2 16 year olds 29.05. - 9.6.2012 ta
  9. Hiya
    Ryanair - Genoa from Stansted is coming in at £174 with a 15kg bag but they do charge for using certain payment cards
    Still looking...

  10. Direct flights don't exist so you'll have to do stop overs.
    Best price £857 with KLM. Stop over is in Amsterdam :)

  11. Best price thus far?
  12. scilab

    scilab New commenter

    Thank you EG - we went with Lufthansa in the end, with a brief stop in Germany, as it worked out cheaper and better timings than going with Ryanair.
  13. Best price ths far?
  14. misssmusic

    misssmusic New commenter

    £689 with BA but with really crappy stopovers (middle of the night 6 hours waiting in Delhi!)
  15. Hi EG or anyone else with the info.
    I want to fly to Raleigh, N Carolina from Heathrow. I am quite flexible about dates end July/ all of August. I am a nervous flyer so it has to be a direct flight. There is one per day with American Airlines. When I first looked at this, about 2 months ago, the flight was £800 it is now £959.
    My question is will the cost keep going up or will it drop much nearer to departure? As I am quite flexible on dates, should I wait?
  16. Goa airport is a military airport for certain hours and it is closed for civillian flights during those times. I also don't think it operates at night, so most flights there will involve stopovers. Also on the way back I would allow time for the flght back to be delayed.
  17. I should also have said, try this site
    It seems to be the best one for booking hotels and flights within India.

  18. Cheapest - 21st-28th Heathrow via qatar £554 but late back into LHR

    Best 20th-27th heathrow via Qatar - best stop offs 1hr35 on way out and 1hr on way back. book with Qatar airlines

    Hope that helps
  19. I doubt anyone could give you a definite on this! One thing you might want to do is 'find out' how many seats are left on the dates you want to fly. This might tell you if you can afford to wait or not?

    How much is the max you'd pay?
  20. Iberia do the direct flights. They might code share with American.

    It's approx £840 at the mo.

    When is the Earliest in July you can go? Latest return?

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