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Challenge me to find a cheaper flight for your holiday!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by lapinrose, May 15, 2008.

  1. £850 each with KLM x
  2. direct? do you mind stop offs?
  3. Thank you very much! Very impressive xx
  4. copycat

    copycat Senior commenter

    HiIt's for 2 weeks plus travel time, so about 18 days. Don't really want stop offs. Price quoted is for M/CR to Heathrow, then to LAX.
  5. In theory then you have one stop off. If you're not bothered where that is the cheapest flight is:
    £738 14th-28th man/iAd//lax and lax/iAd/man both nice flying times around 13-15hours. Via travel bag

    If the stop is London the chepeast is:
    £787 14th-28th man/lahr/lax and lax/Lhr/man However this has a long journey out. 28 hours out! 14 back. Via holiday genie

    I can look for better man/Lhr flight times if you want?
  6. copycat

    copycat Senior commenter

    Thanks for your time and effort. Person paying for the flights has insisted on booking Virgin, £1127.
  7. ah that would have been nice to know from the start...
    Anyway, best price is to go on to the Virgin site and get a return from LHR and then go to Flybe and get a return to MAN/LHR.

  8. loopy28

    loopy28 New commenter

    How about the cheapest flights from any North West airport to Amsterdam, 2 people, any weekend end of April or in May?
  9. emylou

    emylou New commenter

    Hi egyptiangirl,
    I was wondering if you could help me.
    I'm looking to fly from london Gatwick or Heathrow to Sharm el Sheikh. Either Friday 1st June (evening flight due to school) or saturday 2nd June, 1 week for 4 adults. Ideally a direct flight please! So far my OH has found prices (including hotels) at approx £600 but they include a stop each way of the flights. The ones I have found are over £1000 :(

    Many thanks in advance :)
  10. Hey Egyptian Girl....What a really nice thing you are doing here! I am just looking for a flight to brussels from Manchester (ideally) 1st June (in the eve as we finish school that day so from 6pm ideally!) -10th June....the ones I have looked at all seem to be really pricey and add loads on just for taking luggage (shock horror!) Oh its just for one! Any help much appreciated! Thanks, Lornak x
  11. Best price so far? Could you get to another northern airport?
  12. Sorry...best price so far from Manchester is £225...Im pretty sure it could be cheaper though. I may be just rubbish at looking! I could go from Liverpool perhaps but Manchester is ideal. .
  13. Best price? Earliest flight you can do on the Friday? Latest on Sunday?
  14. Mmm a tricky one!

    I've found direct flights for about £650! could you either go from Luton or travel on the 3rd? Either of them would make life much easier!

  15. Best price for CRU is £70 with ryanair Friday flight 19.35

    BRU is more expensive. Which airport do you need?
  16. loopy28

    loopy28 New commenter

    Earliest flight on the Friday about 5pm. So far I can only find £80-90 with Easyjet :)

    Don't mind what time we get back on Sunday so long as it's before midnight-ish!

    Thanks :)
  17. emylou

    emylou New commenter

    What are the details for the ones you found for £650? (Is that just flights?)
    Yeah we could possibly go 3rd June but have to be back by 10th for school!
    Thank you so much!
  18. Emylou
    Here are my suggestions. Either way it seems the travel companies know it's half term!
    <u>2nd June</u>
    • <u></u>Gatwick - There are 4 flights, 2xEasyjest, 1xMonarch, 1xThomson
      • <u></u>How about going out on the 3rd and returning on the 9th?Gatwick Easyjet = &pound;527.67
      • Go from manchester? Overall on the Saturday it would be &pound;523.33 each
      • With stop offs - Cheapest is &pound;369 on the Saturday. Stop off in Cairo with Egyptair.
      • <u>Whole holidays</u>
      • Use teletext holidays &ndash; there is one on the 2nd from Gatwick for &pound;648 B&B. They aren&rsquo;t always available but worth having a look.
      And if you can manage to get to Manchester I've seen cheapy All Inclusive holidays for under &pound;600 which comparitively to all these flights is a bargain!

  19. I need to go to Brussels....prob the most central one.

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