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Challenge -Devise the most perfect GCSE specification?

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by chardmnel, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. After reading threads and showing my dissapointment to my GCSE results I was wondering if we could collective create the most perfect specification!!
    Here's one possiblilty:
    Year 10 -
    Practical Performance Assessment - (Option Choice) - Marked internally and moderated externally. (40%) (Preparation & Rehearsal Marks 10 Performance Marks 30)
    Year 11 -
    Practical Performance Assessment 2 - (Option Choice) - Marked internally and moderated externally. (40%) (Preparation Diary written by Student 10 Marks & Performance Marks 30)
    Two writing Tasks (20%)
    Task 1 - Write a 500 word report on the performance skills applied in one performance they have participated. (10 marks - 10%)
    Task 2 - Write a 500 word report evaluating a live production that they have seen. (10 marks - 10%)
    Marked internally and moderated externally by the same visiting moderator
    Any other ideas?
  2. Would you really want to force your Year 10s to take a Unit worth 40% of the total mark?
    Why not have two performance units taking place at the teacher's discretion, if this is your chosen model?
    The format is almost irrelevant; isn't it the marking (i.e. the interpretation of the criteria) which most people are objecting to this year?
  3. Most perfect GCSE Drama Specification? The current one from Edexcel. It's weighted in favour of drama as exploration - which I favour, it's written work is internally assessed and externally moderated, 60%of it is examined by the teacher with a moderator to check the validity of marking, and 40% is on performance with a perf support option for those who like the other stuff about theatre but not the actual performing of drama/theatre. And as R4D has said, it's the interpretation of the criteria that's the only problem with the Edexcel spec as it stands and, with any new spec, that will subside as teachers begin to understand it better.
  4. I agree. In theory Edexcel is the perfect spec, which is why so many of us stick with it. The issues with Edexcel aren't with the specification itself.
    And I agre with resources that I wouldn't want my students to *have* to do anything in Y10. I do a series of mocks in Y10 but always leave the real stuff to Y11 to ensure it's as good as possible.
  5. I agree with Edexcel being the best specification - well it is for my kids anyway. I also agree with crunchynut's comment regarding doing a series of mocks in Y10 - I teach the skills as they don't do it in KS3 (- DON'T get me started on that one!!!!) and I ensure that they have all the skills to their best ability, doing some mock performances and not attempting Unit 1 assessments until the summer term which is completed (controlled coursework) before they go on work experience at thed of June.
    As for Year 11, I hit the ground running with Unit 2 (the students are to read the play over the holidays and are informed of the assessment criteria etc) and this is completed by half term, then I do a "formal" mock performance exam which is performed before Christmas and then from January it's over to Unit 3 proper.......
    The absence of a written paper is a godsend for my kids - I find the performance more challenging than a written paper to be honest....and they cannot hide in performance!!!
    I think teachers WILL get their heads around the new spec - they did (pretty much) with the A Level spec.....oh dear, have I just made myself a target and the new "enemy" by saying that????[​IMG]
  6. On balance, although in times of trouble, I have wanted to change. I do think Edexcel is the best spec. For all the above reasons.

    I also agree, I would NOT want the kids doing anything in Yr 10. We use Yr 10 as a mock year and a year to build on skills acquired at KS3.

    Written paper is also a deffo no go area!

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