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Challenge books in Foundation Stage, Where to put those challenges?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by kbewell, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. kbewell

    kbewell New commenter

    I am setting up my new classroom with some fabulous resources. Initially starting with basic provision until I have done some baseline assessments. I am going to be using challenge books based on ABC theories. I have done lots of research both using his books, blogs, pinterest, etc etc Most of the pictures I have seen show the challenge on a small table with the challenge books next to it.

    I'm wondering though whether these challenges should be throughout the provision therefore encouraging children to access all the provision. I'm just worried that I will have to spend time talking the children through where all the challenges are each day or week. They obviously won't be able to read the challenges in their books initially and so I will use talk buttons but I'm still unsure of how, if these challenges are differentiated I will work this into the classroom. I'm doing OLP as well and not really doing adult led.

    ??? so in short how do people use challenge books and where do you set them up?

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