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CfE workload, lose lose situation

Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by custardcream13, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. Currently going through a very difficult situation at work but as part of the ongoing discussion I identified that there was an increased workload this year (anybody disagree? Thought not, my HT, FH and HR have put in writing that there has been no increased workload this year). I have responsibility for two completely different N4/5 subjects and have had to develop these whilst teaching on a min timetable including 3x nat4/5 class, and an Int2/Higher. Also one of these subjects is a low uptake in Scotland so no resources at all have been produced, not even Leckie and Leckie course notes/pass papers so I literally wrote a textbook, Both subjects have internally assessed added value. For the previous two years I ran the department solo as we were short staffed and my FH is from a different subject so deals with the admin side but not much else, even compared to that this year has been hell! I'm also pregnant.

    I identified that with this larger than ever before workload I was struggling and asked for extra support. My school refused. I then asked for union support, I felt what was being asked of me was not possible in 35 hrs. The HR and schools response was that if I am working over 35hrs a week it is because I am unable to manage my time, that there is no increased workload this year and that everyone is in the same position and I am the only one not coping. The union has just told me not to do over the hours and if stuff doesn't get developed, tough! Bit late now for that.

    If I hadn't worked over 35hrs I would not have had anything to teach my pupils, I wouldn't have got through the course, added value wouldn't have been marked and not even half of the outcomes would have been assessed, I also wouldn't have managed to prepare for verification five times (yes five, and we passed them all so far). Therefore I would have probably been disciplined! But as it stands I did that work and was subject to an aggressive and upsetting telling off from HT. Lose lose!

    So my questions are;

    - Do you agree/disagree that there has been no increased workload this year?

    - Am I correct that only computing, engineering science, graphic communication, practical wood/metal have internally assessed added value?

    - How many teachers in your school have sole responsibility for developing and teaching two completely different N4/5s?

    and finally am I really the only one not coping?!
  2. inthered

    inthered Occasional commenter

    What rubbish!

    1. Of course there is a massive increase in workload. In NLC our Union guy did a surveymonkey to check and it was agreed.

    2. I can only speak for us in Mod Langs, but there is a huge AVU internally assessed. I kinda assumed it was the same for all subjects. There were also initially 8 more NAB things (changed to 4) for N4, and 4 for N5.

    3. We are a small dept, 2 of us, with 3 languages on the go, so that was a biggie. I still feel small depts have it hard, particularly if there is long-term absence (stress-related, in our case - and no wonder. But it did make it hard to cope, as well as no subject-specific supply available and I ended up having to rotate exam classes).

    4. You are very far from being the only one not coping. The whole thing is a disaster IMHO, and our sickness rates at school level have shot up.

    Hang in there and take a full year on mat leave and enjoy it!
  3. I am stunned at how uncaring your colleagues are. Stress levels are through the roof because half the time we don't know what we are doing.

    I congratulate you on preparing courses. I only ever managed to cobble things together at the last minute. Agree absolutely about small depts. Still have to do the same prep./ organisation/ planning, ok fewer kids but a course plan is a course plan. English/Maths etc can share the load. I've been alone with only a part-time teacher (now leaving) and no third teacher. Post advertised twice. No takers. I have a colleague in the same situation in another school in town. Sorry but I cannot do everything.

    Will wait till after the new ad and change of timetable but if I have to spend another year covering two timetables and a bit I reckon I will try taking out a grievance against my Authority.

    New courses again this year because clearly a lot of tweaking will have to go on as we have learned from mistakes in Year One.

    I am not happy with the Union stance. Bit wimpish and totally impractical. Where have they been all year?

    By NOT doing the work, it is not the school which suffers but the kids and the teacher.

    If I were not close to retirement, I would be desperate. Take a year and think about your options.

    Am I the only one angry that the Scottish govt is sitting with "Who me?" expressions as they maintain that everything is tickety-boo and any problems are due to the SQA. Really? Are the govt. not in charge of the exam system????

    And what are the assessments worth? Are you telling me there was no fudging going on?

    Scuse, me. Have to go and polish my hoops to jump through for the next cohort.

    This new set up on TESS Forum makes it hard to find latest and focused discussions.
  4. xmal

    xmal Established commenter

    CustardCream, in your current situation (pregnant) and given your workload, I'd speak to your union and a doctor. You seem very stressed. It is only natural given the huge workload and we've all been there but these next few months need to be as stress-free as possible. Your mgt and employers are failing you. Start to track your time.
    cochrane1964 likes this.
  5. cochrane1964

    cochrane1964 New commenter

    Get to the doctor - you are stressed without any hope of getting out of it.
  6. subman68

    subman68 Occasional commenter

    Interesting advice Cochrane 1964: original post April 2014, stated that she was pregnant.
    Nov 2015, you suggest going to a Dr. Now I am no expert but I think this person might have seen a Dr in the last 19 months. What do you think?

    Hopefully they are off and having a lovely time with their child. Might be back in school and more stressed than ever, and then yes they need to see a Dr. We might never know.
  7. cochrane1964

    cochrane1964 New commenter

    Well known fact: CFE delays all natural biological processes!:rolleyes:

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