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CfE Levels - How are you deciding?

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by lescargot, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. lescargot

    lescargot Occasional commenter

    We are about to write our first set of S1 CfE reports. How is anyone else deciding what is developing/consolidating/secure? As there are no set guidelines anywhere it is resulting in a lot of 'meetings' for us to compare pupils work and 'decide'! How do we know what we are deciding is the same as the school in the next town/region? Talk about farce!
  2. Level 3:

    Developing: D
    Consolidating: E
    Secure: F
  3. readaholic

    readaholic New commenter

    We had to write our own grc and cross mark pieces of work to ensure consistency across the dept. A bit time consuming at first but I can see it becoming embedded the way 5-14 levels are now.
  4. Making it up as we go along!
    The Seemis template we have is terrible and that's me being polite
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  5. lescargot

    lescargot Occasional commenter

    We are also using Seemis and it's very frustrating having to make your reports fit a system as opposed to a system that fits around the report you want to write! The sheer idea of 'redoing' GRC when (as far as I am concerned) all I am doing is reinventing the wheel with regards to Level D E F just makes me cringe. That is time I could be using to do something useful and interesting. Also we have absolutely no assurances what we are doing marries with what other schools have decided!
  6. Hmm. Most pupils should achieve level 2 by the end of Primary which makes 2 secure equal to D.
  7. heldon

    heldon Occasional commenter

    the system is an unworkable mess

    we are doomed
  8. lescargot

    lescargot Occasional commenter

    We have a big problem with the assumption pupils have reached or achieved level 2 or d by end p7 in modern languages. Most mlps programmes have been scrapped and as a consequence provision is patchy at best, non existent at worst. How do u get a pupil up to level 3 in 8 months at 2 periods a week?
  9. First order teachers to dream up a new curriculum, then order them to figure out how to assess it. Never give them any parameters other than, You're the professionals, talk amongst yourselves and figure it out. Give them the barest minimum of time for this, and no money.
    Then have the inspectors go in and tell teachers that whatever they're doing, it's wrong.
    What an asinine way to run an education system, Scotland.

  10. In my experience it hasn't been the inspectors who have been doing this. It seems to be LAs who, after telling us for two or three years to go out and make a curriculum and assessment system of our choice, have now come back and rubbished everything done in schools and imposed systems which negate the hard work done by teachers in trying to make sense of CfE. This Devoloping, Consolidating, Secure thing is a good example and Seemis reporting another.
  11. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    The lack of any way of establishing a bench mark for pupil achievement across schools or even across classes in the same school in the same subject is a grievous flaw in the current regime.
    The situation is positively Orwellian. "Formative Good, Summative bad". Plus we also have "Doublespeak": BTC5 says that assessment may include formative AND summative assessment. Yet the NAR contains the often appalling "works inprogress" which are all formative. There are summative assessments in numeracy and literacy but they are few in number and have been criticised also.
    I'm told that the NAR was supposed to include the facility for teachers to uplosd assessments. This has not yet been enabled. I suspect that the reason for this is that they don't want inundated with summative assessments which would actually allow us to bench mark our pupils' progress.

  12. They are shocking, aren't they? I think I could film just about every class I teach and come up with something better than that.
  13. I wasn't referring in particular to CfE but in general to pretty much everything that inspectors inspect in a school.
    And in my admittedly limited---but nevertheless very real and very stressful experience in the bad old days before "Inspection Lite" kicked in---the inspectors do not hesitate to point out where a school is going wrong, without showing or explaining what it might do to go right.
    I can't wait for them to come to my school to explain how CfE should be done. Aye, right.
  14. lescargot

    lescargot Occasional commenter

    OMG don't even get me started on the nar! ! Have u seen the terrible 'make,say,write do terminology? Does nothing for the more able.
  15. I am bored of all the tosh I am reading. Dry your eyes..........

    We (teaching profession) have a great opportunity to change the education system for the future and ensure we remain a leading force in education and innovation in the world.

    Sounds like a case of "When the going gets tough, the tough get traditional" (Ian Dukes, 2008)
  16. lookinglost

    lookinglost New commenter

    We've been having meetings to discuss examples of work we think are developing/consolidating/secure as well as looking at pupil's results from summative assessments.
    I think relying on Seemis for these reports, as it's done in our school , is restrictive and makes it almost impossible to report in anyway other than something similar to 5 - 14.
    Dominie you are right about the NAR. I was informed they are on "phase 2", subject specific assessments, and allowing teachers to upload their own assessments for QA. They say there will be banks of questions you can use to make up summative assessments, or you can make your own assessments using the questions as a bench mark. In a similar way to how NABs can be used/created at the moment. I hope that the NAR is improved because at the moment it's pretty dire. I believe phase 2 will be up and running sometime this year, I was told a date but can't find my notes on the NAR atm, I think it was June. I'll stop here but if you want some more info you can ask, but I don't know if I'll know much more than anyone else.

  17. lookinglost

    lookinglost New commenter

    I can see where you're coming from jenmac I think it's hard to get your head round CfE, but I do believe it gives us a lot of opportunities. Although there are some things I don't agree with, I believe there is a lot of good that could come from CfE if it's implemented properly. How teachers are being treated atm is especially frustrating when we have to deal with introducing CfE as well. I will stop there as there are already other threads on that particular topic.
    I disagree with this though, you can definitely be 'traditional' and be new to a profession. I sometimes find myself teaching some topics in a similar way to how it was taught to me, which was in a very traditional manner.
  18. lescargot

    lescargot Occasional commenter

    What is wrong with traditional anyway?
    I am sick to death of being told 'we are trying to improve on what were doing before'. This is not improving things, we should not, 3 weeks before report writing, be sitting around plucking 'levels' and 'developing/consolidating/secure' out of thin air simply because we have been given no firm guidelines. This is not fair on teachers, pupils or parents. I'm really worried about s1 parents evening - how do I explain things I am not sure of myself? Parents will ask what qualification this is leading to and what the exam will look like - the fact I don't know the details is nothing short of a disgrace.
    Anyone who tries to sell 'CfE' as a 'fabulous opportunity' to me in the current climate is literally wasting their time.
    Any curricular change is an opportunity, the sad fact is we are being given neither the time nor the financial support to make this a success. I feel as if I have a full time admin job on top of a full time teaching job at the moment - this is not right and no-one can tell me that it is. I want to concentrate on what I am good at - building relationships with pupils, lesson planning and providing a quality experience in the classroom. Instead I am feeling lost and over burdened with extra work.
  19. Amen, jenmac![​IMG]
  20. lescargot

    lescargot Occasional commenter

    Thank goodness someone is speaking the same language as me Canuck!

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