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CfE Health & Wellbeing programme of work! Please help!

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by elaine_82, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. My colleagues and I desperately need some help. We are 4 class teacher who have all recently finished our probationary year and have been assigned the task of creating a whole programme of work for our school and our partner school. The programme of work is to cover all Es & Os for Early, First and Second level and include possible resources and activities. We also need to relate each E & O / activity to Bloom's Taxonomy and Cognitive Functions despite the fact that none of us have any experience or training in these areas. We have been given no guidance whatsoever by our Headteacher and have only been allocated 6 hours to do this in. Any additional time is to come from our CPD time (even though I have already done 35 hours worth of CPD in relevant courses). Please is anyone else already working on a programme of work for Health & Wellbeing or does anyone know of one which already exists? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  2. Flyonthewall75

    Flyonthewall75 New commenter

    If your HT has asked you, and your inexperienced colleagues, to undertake such a huge remit, then clearly she/he doesn't care about your health and wellbeing.
    As a NQT your first priority should be your own class and your HT should know that.
    You are being asked to create a whole programme of work for two schools, from nursery to Primary 7, covering:
    Food & health, mental, emotional, social & physical wellbeing, PE, physical activity & sport, planning for choices & changes, relationships, sexual health & parenthood and substance misuse - and all without experience, support or guidance, partly in your own time, and within a ridiculously short timescale.
    I think you and your colleagues need to have a meeting with your HT, preferably with a union representative present, to make it clear that, although you are happy to play your part in school curricular developments, you do not have the experience to take on such a remit.
    Your schools will have been covering these topics under 5-14 Health Education and Social & Personal Development so presumably there are already working documents and resources in place which can be used or modified. Make it clear that you don't mind helping out in a working group but you really need guidance and support from an experienced, senior member of staff.
    That's important for everyone's education, health and wellbeing, not least the pupils.
    As for Bloom's Taxonomy (1956), what school staff need are practical programmes of work, not a thesis on the classification of affective, psycho-motor and cognitive learning objectives.
    Good luck and I hope your HT sees sense.
  3. Totally agree with many of your comments, Fly.
    Why are the inexperienced staff in the school being asked to do this. Personally, I think your HT 'is at it'. In my LA, we are currently using Angus Council's CfE planners. I believe they are now on Glow (I can't get access to it but I have them at home). They have proved very useful. I certainly don't see the point of reinventing the wheel. Other authorities have also produced very good resources. Some time spent on google might be useful.
    I appreciate it will be difficult to stand up to your HT but I think he is being totally unreasonable.
    Hope that helps.
  4. Thank you both for your supportive comments. My HT will not back on this one and there is usually not any room for negotiation however I will consider contacting the union as I am getting very stressed about it. I have looked on Glow and Google for the Angus Council planners but don't seem to be having much luck at all. Nor have I found any by other authorities. Perhaps if you have a spare moment (!!!) would it be possible for you to give me some direction as to how I might access them. Thanks again.

  5. cassie511

    cassie511 New commenter

    I think you will only be able to access the Angus Council planners if you work for Angus Council or one of the authorities who have bought them. One of the Lanarkshire authorities use the same idea and the word is that Dundee have bought them too.
  6. Unfortunately, I cannot access Glow but was told that they were on there somewhere! If you would like to send me a PM, I could try to email some of them to you.
  7. Seems to me you are being dumped on - this is a job for Senior Management NOT young teachers!

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