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CfE - Curriculum in Scotland - where is it?

Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by Capucinedesjardins, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I do some tutoring at primary level and can be faced with children of different ages and abilties. I would like to understand from their age what sort of things they are likely to be studying at school, so that I can bear that in mind when presenting them with tasks. But- I am having a very difficult time finding a curriculum. I hear/read a lot about a 'curriculum for excellence', but can't find it. I've asked a couple of teachers for a copy, and they've just done a kind of knowing laugh and said 'good luck', or words to that effect. So, in this lovely, judgement-free zone, can I be pushy and say- internal politics aside (as an outsider, I don't really understand what the knowing smile is about!)- where can I find the curriculum for primary schools in Scotland? It would help me (and the kids) a lot.
    Thanks (and thanks for the lovely resources)!
  2. Education scotland site has the full curriculum but if you are looking for something more specific I would consider looking at Tj maths site - they break down all the o's and e's for maths and state what the children should know at each stage.
  3. Packupyertroubl

    Packupyertroubl New commenter

    Try BBC Bite Size Education sites. They've broken down the curriculum in a GCSE English site, so that anyone from Englandshire can understand what a naff set-up it is. Anyway, Good Luck!
  5. Yeah. It would help the primary teachers of Scotland a lot too.
    You'll find the curriculum for primary schools in Scotland in your head.
    That's right. In your head.
    Using the BGF (Big Green Folder) as your guide and whatever you can scrounge off the internet or in cupboards in school as your materials (don't expect a photocopying allowance!!!), make it all up out of your head. That's how I did it, anyway.
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  6. Have a read of the material on the SQA web site. You could also try chewing cotton wool, it will give you about the same sensation. The truth is, the CFE is the most mysterious entity ever devised by the hand of man. Near incomprehensible to the average human, it means everything and nothing, indeed it was once described by Mike Russell, Education Minister, as "the most radical change in Scottish education in fifty years" but also "not much different from what we do already"' this in the course of one interview. I have yet to meet anyone who could define it in a way that an average English speaker could understand. Like the works of God "it passeth all understanding"'and seems to have been created with the specific purpose of driving to the edge of insanity all those who come within its orbit.
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