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CfE and drama in Primary Education

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by DoraDrama, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Hi there! I am new here and I am trying to understand how things in Primary Education work, and especially on drama. Is there a general instruction plan by the Curriculum for Excellence provided specifically for drama in primary education and its practice or is it based on each teacher?s volition and school's priorities? Is there any analytical plan for any of the subjects?
    What I am trying to say is that I am wondering if the Curriculum For Excellence and the Scottish Executive provide any guidelines and/or supporting materials for teachers in order to facilitate and assure its implementation and achievement of aims. Thanks!
  2. There are outcomes for Primary... it states it very clearly in the document... have you read it?

    By the end of primary they should have completed Early Level and some will have completed First Level. Not all schools but some have specialist Drama Teachers coming into to primary to teach Drama as a subject. If you are at Morary House ALL Drama students need to do a primary placement in Drama.

    and I think what the previous poster was saying is that you are 4 years out of date... education is run by the Scottish Government NOT the Scottish Executive as you state.
  3. I have read the document. You are right saying that I am out of date and you are right, since I am from Cyprus where a totally different curriculum is implemented (drama is practised only in High schools as an optional subject..). I am studying in Edinburgh only for a year as a postgraduate student at a theatre studies department and I am trying to understand how drama is placed in the curriculum. I appreciate your reply and the clarifications, it is very helpful.
  4. you'll find that is the same in Scotland... not every school has a Drama Department (which is silly since CfE is all about Drama) and pupils who do have drama opt to choose it for their subject S3-S6. where about are you studying? Edinburgh Uni or QMU?
  5. I am studying at the University of Edinburgh, in the MSc in European Theatre..but my background is related to theatre and drama education. Thank you for your interest and the replies.

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