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Cervical Spondylosis....

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Jice, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Had an x-ray and Doctor tells me I've got Spondylosis. She gave me no explanation and I had to resort to looking it up on the internet.
    I am in absolute agony 24/7 and hardly get any sleep at all. The pain is awful and very depressing. I think I must have a trapped nerve too as it has affected my right shoulder, arm and hand. I also get tingling in my fingers and some numbness. I hate taking pills for any reason and am trying my damndest not to resort to the muscle relaxants like Tramadol and Co-Codimol. I take paracetamol but NOTHING shifts the pain ANYWAY.
    Managed to get an appointment for Monday with an Orthopedic Doctor at the local hospital but not sure where to turn to for help. The NHS could not care less it seems to me!!
    Would be so grateful for some help from you guys. I have tried to find 'forums' but the only one I have found so are is Patient UK which is not very good.
    Teaching is tough at the best of times; when in pain 24/7 it is nigh impossible to concentrate to be an effective teacher. It is frustrating and very frightening!! I am only on a 12 month contract and only have 5 weeks paid sick leave. I left a full-time permanent post recently (fool??).

  2. Really sorry to hear that you are in so much pain, however why do you not want to take Tramadol and Co-Codomil? My back totally ceased up a few years ago and I was prescribed both a muscle realxant and strong pain killer, both worked. They knocked me out made me constipated! However I was knocked out and thus had a great sleep plus my muscle spasms relaxed.
    Good luck. [​IMG]
  3. It is osteoarthritis in your cervical spine. I take spinal cord pain blockers at night, other drugs do not work. I have muscle and bone pain too, I take paracetamols and use Movelat Gel. I have physiotherapy.I have also seen a specialist. There are clinical guidelines for treating chronic neck pain.It takes a while to sort out. I have had x rays because I insisted on them, this found the arthritis and bony growths, I have not had a MRI. Your post sounds just like me.
  4. Contact Arthritis Care, they have a website and a number. They sent me very helpful information. There is also an active forum.
  5. Over 2 years since I had an accident at work which caused me problems with my neck; doctor say's it is Spondylosis. I suffer from (almost) constant dizziness/spinning/light headedness. I have had to slow right down and currently signed off work as I can't teach and 'spin' at the same time: I am tired, lethargic and couldn't plan a lesson if my life depended on it. Occasionally the 'spinning' sensation reaches a point where I get very scared and think I will pass out although (touch wood) have not done so yet.

    I am on the 3rd lot of meds., none have 'worked' to relieve symptoms. ENT causes have been ruled out and now looking at neurological causes; first appointment in 3 months!! Could be an artery 'snagged' by a bone spur that's causing lack of blood/oxygen to the posterior part of my brain?

    It's worrying that I can be dismissed from my job due to an illness brought on by a work related injury, but will have to work somewhere nonetheless in order to 'live', disability benefits being almost impossible to access. Oh dear.

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