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CertEd/PGCE Level 4 0r 5?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by stevesgh, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. I want to know if the Cert Ed (IN ESOL) in 2006-2007 (full time) was at level 3 or 4? I know the PGCE was level 4, but what about the Cert Ed?
  2. I've just completed the PGCE FE which is (apparently) level 5 and level 6 as the year was split into Phase 1 and Phase 2.

    The same college takes on part time teacher training for Cert Eds and we were told it is level 4 in the first year, progressing to level 5 in the second year.
  3. Forgot to say that was in a HE institute.
  4. PGCE is classed at the same level as a Master's degree, so it's level 7. graduate certificates are classed at the same level as a degree-level 6. Cerificates of higher education are classed as level 4.

    Click on the following link, for more details:


    Hope this helps!

  5. Just to clarify my earlier post. The cert ed is level 4/5 depending on which course you're doing. E.g. the certificate in FE teaching stages 1 and 2 are classed as level 4, but the cerificate in FE teaching stage 3 is level 5, so as a rule of thumb, if you're not doing a PGCE and the course doesn't say level 5, then it's probably level 5, or you can look up the level of your course on the national adatbase of acredited qualifications (NDAQ) using the following link:

  6. Sorry, rule of thumb shoudl have read: If you're not doing a PGCE and don't have a degree, then it's probably level 4, unless the course actually has level 5 in the title, but best to look it up on the database and NQF as I said in my previous posts.

  7. Who knows, the level classification changes every five minutes.
  8. HEI levels have not changed in living memory, NQF levels have changed once since their inception in the early 90s.

    HEI PCGEs & Cert Eds are accredited according to the HEI framework so are only ever broadly equivalent to NQF levels 4 or 5. Since September 2007 and Diploma (DTLLS) teaching qualification (including Cert Eds and PGCEs) must be equivalent to at least NQF level 5 (or 50% of it, making Cert Eds a minimum of year 1 level 4, year 2 level 5), though much depends on the awarding HEI.

    Dross, Dros.
  9. I'm finishing my PGCE FE now and my course clearly states it's Level 6.
  10. FE PGCE's aren't always done by post-grads, so this may result in the course being classed as a graduate certificate (Level 6) rather than a post-graduate certificate (Level 7).

    'Up to' Level 7 is a more accurate description.

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