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Census Question on hours you work.

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by bubbles13, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Just filled out the census there and had to laugh at the question on how many hours do you work per week, including unpaid overtime...
    Curious to how many hours other teachers have said....
  2. lescargot

    lescargot Occasional commenter

    I put 45.
  3. I put 50 - but with a residential on the horizon, which works out at 108, I thought I'd stick with a more conservative estimate!
  4. I put 45 but that's only because I'm already winding down towards the holidays. It's normally nearer 60.

  5. I put in the honest 60 hours-working it out shocked me into realising I really need to stop doing so much extra-I didn't always do this much!
  6. halfajack

    halfajack Occasional commenter

    Why 32.5? Are you part-time? Full time contracts are 35 hours.
  7. I put 70...changed career for my family's sake now earn half as much and work twice as hard. Love teaching but really struggling with the work/life balance constantly trying to impress in the vain hope might get permanent job someday.
  8. Hi. We are paid from 9am to 3.30pm, which works out at 32.5 hours a week.
  9. JPM1967

    JPM1967 New commenter

    Check you contract. It will almost certainly say something along the lines of 35 hours per week for all full-time teachers, with the working hours under the overall direction of the Head Teacher.
    Aren't you referring to the hours secondary pupils typically attend, i.e. 9am 'til 3.30pm?
    We definitely work a 35 hour week, with the flexibility (depending on your HT!) to fit that in to suit yourself. Some teachers come in early and leave sharp; others arrive bang on 9am and work on until 5pm or 6pm etc.
    However, as the initial poster highlights, most teachers work way beyond 35 hours - either at school or at home.

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