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Celebrating ICT Links into Languages

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by dalej, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. dalej

    dalej New commenter

    Dear all,
    For the last few months, I've been working with Zena Hilton, Links into Languages South East Regional Manager and Jo Rhys-Jones, Primary Languages Consultant on an awesome event we're calling the ICT Links into Languages conference which takes place on the weekend of 12th-13th February 2011 at Southampton University. Modelled on the legendary Isle of Wight Conference, it features an extensive programme of seminars and hands-on workshops delivered by some of the most creative and innovative language professionals working in the UK today.

    Wendy Adeniji - Independent MFL Consultant

    * Teach them to pronounce it right! (Seminar)
    * iLanguages: teach them the usual in an unusual way (Seminar)

    Jackie Berry - Primary Languages Consultant, Hampshire LA

    * PowerPoint Magic: presentation tips and tricks for the languages classroom (Hands-on workshop)
    * Getting started with screen casting (Seminar)

    Suzi Bewell - PGCE MFL Curriculum Area Leader, University of York

    * Going global! The importance of Intercultural Understanding (Seminar)
    * MYLO – an exciting new way to learn languages (Hands-on workshop)

    Alex Blagona - Language college coordinator, Northgate High School

    * Collaborate, Communicate, Consolidate – How wikis can transform learning in MFL (Hands-on workshop)
    * An A-Z road map of ICT resources in MFL (Seminar)

    Joe Dale - Independent MFL Consultant

    * If you build it, they will come! The rise and rise of the MFL Twitterati (Keynote)
    * Podcasting with Audacity (Hands-on workshop)

    Catherine Elliott - Training Manager at Sheffield South City Learning Centre

    * Encouraging creativity in languages through animation (Hands-on workshop)
    * First steps in using video in the MFL classroom (Hands-on workshop)

    Chris Fuller - Educational Consultant

    * Moblogging across the universe (Seminar)
    * Typepad – I blog, you blog, we blog (Hands-on workshop)

    Esther Hardman - Teacher of French, Spanish and German, Curriculum Development Coordinator for MFL (ICT), Weald of Kent Grammar School

    * Flashmeeting for easy videoconferencing (Seminar)
    * Using ICT to enhance teaching and learning in MFL (Seminar)

    Dale Hardy - Primary & Secondary Languages Consultant, Nottingham City LA, Links into Languages regional trainer & CILT KS2 framework trainer

    * So you have a school link? Now what do you do with it? (Seminar)
    * Gifted and talented linguists – Identification, Inclusion, Provision: Using simple techniques as well as ICT (Seminar)

    Chris Harte - Assistant Head Teacher for Personalised Learning, author and trainer on PLTS in language learning, Cramlington Learning Village

    * Managing social learning – Edmodo (Hands-on workshop)
    * Languages: Reboot (Seminar)

    Rachel Hawkes - Assistant Principal, Director of Languages, AST and SSAT Languages Lead Practitioner, TES Resources Languages Advisor, Comberton Village College

    * Get real! Language Learning for the 21st century (Keynote)

    Kath Holton - Head of Languages, Argoed High School

    * Using voice and video recorders in the classroom (Seminar)
    * Interactive Web 2.0 tools to enhance learning (Seminar)

    Isabelle Jones - Head of Languages, The Radclyffe School

    * Personal Learning and Thinking Skills in the MFL classroom (Seminar)
    * Inspire, Create, Share: Developing the use of ICT in the MFL faculty (Seminar)

    Helen Myers - Teacher of French, Assistant Head, The Ashcombe School; Chair of ALL London branch; ALL former President

    * Add a dimension to your teaching: an introduction to language learning in Virtual Worlds (Seminar)
    * Let the technology take the strain!How ICT can provide the motivation and the inspiration for the hard grind of language learning! (Seminar)

    Jo Rhys-Jones - Primary Languages Consultant, Hampshire LA

    * Simple and effective tips for transition KS2-KS3 (Seminar)
    * Making languages games for your VLE/blog (Seminar)

    Amanda Salt - Head of Spanish, Grosvenor Grammar School

    * Integrating ICT into an MFL department (Seminar)
    * Using Web 2.0 tools in the MFL classroom (Hands-on workshop)

    Clare Seccombe - Sunderland LA Support Teacher for Primary Languages and the International Dimension

    * MFL Sunderland – It’s good to share! (Seminar)
    * Arts Smart! (incorporating art, music, drama etc) (Seminar)

    Lisa Stevens - PLL educator and consultant, Apple Distinguished Educator and eTwinning Ambassador

    * What can eTwinning do for you? (Seminar)
    * Tell me a story! (Hands-on workshop)

    Lesley Welsh - Director of Languages and the International Dimension at Manor College of Technology

    * Keeping it real – maximising the use of authentic materials (Seminar)
    * Funky flipcharts and interesting interactivity (Seminar)

    If you are at all interested in how technology can enhance language learning in the 21st century, this is a must attend event and at £100 for both days or £75 for one (discounted rates for PGCE students), it is unbelievably good value for money too.

    If this wasn't enough, there will also be a free MFL Show and Tell event on the Saturday evening at the University of Southampton Sports Ground where anyone who wants to share their good practice can have the opportunity to do so.

    and to finish ...

    Let us not forget despite the very sad news this week that the UK government has decided to no longer fund the Links into Languages programme post March 2011, this conference is certainly something to look forward to and celebrate. In these cash strapped times, who knows when we will have the opportunity to pool such expertise in ICT and MFL again? Please support this event, spread the word and sign up here.

    See you in February.
    Best wishes
  2. funambule

    funambule New commenter

    Hi Joe
    Suggest you flag this up again now that 2011 is upon us. I can't go personally but will let teachers know in the area where I work.
  3. dalej

    dalej New commenter

    Hi Funambule,
    Thanks you for your support. The programme will be out in the next couple of days which will provide further information such as what is happening on each day, session timings, transport links etc. Any help in spreading the word about the conference around the UK would be much appreciated as it may be the last of its kind for a long time to come I would suggest.
    Best wishes
  4. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    If I am lucky I can get into an ICT room once a term for about 30% of my classes - how are others fixed for easy ICT access?
  5. Unfortunately, I shan't be able to attend. If anyone out there is able to attend I thoroughly recommend it. It will be the best CPD day of your career. Ever.
  6. Geekie

    Geekie Occasional commenter

    Shall I put you in my suitcase? [​IMG]
  7. Looks like an impressive programme, and it's a shame that funding for this type of conference is coming to an end. I would, however, like to remind readers that this year's EUROCALL conference is on home soil at the University of Nottingham, 31 August to 3 Septmber:
    The main theme of the conference is The CALL triangle: student, teacher and institution, and one of the is sub-themes is The use of new technologies for language teaching in schools. Conference papers presented have to full into one of three categories: Research, Research and development, Reflective practice, but there is also a full day, 31 August, of conference workshops, which (quote) "[...] are intended to enhance the skills and broaden the perspective of their attendees. They should be designed to introduce a rigorous framework for learning a new area or to provide advanced technical training in an area." Workshop proposals welcomed - see the conference website.
    Graham Davies
    Member of the EUROCALL Executive Committee
  8. dalej

    dalej New commenter

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