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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Rin, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. Rin


    How are you finding completing the Career Entry Development Profile? I am finding it really hard to identify areas of interest as I truly am interested in all areas and one doesn't stand out.

    Also - how many of you are using the format provided on the tta website and how many are just making up their own format and therefore maybe avoiding covering all areas?

    Any help is appreciated !
  2. Rin


    How are you finding completing the Career Entry Development Profile? I am finding it really hard to identify areas of interest as I truly am interested in all areas and one doesn't stand out.

    Also - how many of you are using the format provided on the tta website and how many are just making up their own format and therefore maybe avoiding covering all areas?

    Any help is appreciated !
  3. I just selected 3 or 4 things I found interesting and wrote them down. I also just used the proforma off the TTA also. NQTs from my placement school have said they never really use them again. But just incase just select a few and expand to other things if you are ever asked about them.
  4. I'm also having the same problem getting started on my CEDP how much detail are they looking for?
  5. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    It is meant to be a dialogue with your ITT tutor to help identify strengths and weaknesses it seems the unis are forgetting this- their use does vary-some schools rely on the CEPD to help identify relevant programmes of inset or observations in the first term so reflect upon what areas need the most development to create a priority list- the usuals are behaviour management and assessment- however if you are in primary a lot of NQTs mention the Foundation subjects and support with particular topics/concepts
  6. Heya,
    You don't need to do all the pages just the set with the key questions on it. As for interests think of the things that you really really really enjoy, for me it was things like creativity & SEN.

    Wizard just as a note as I have seen you post similar things quite a few times ~ I don't know if it is the case in all unis but mine and the fair few I know of where friends are traingin DO treat it as a dialogue between you and them. They just like you to go through it first and draft your side so you go into the tutorials having given it some thought. Imagine how long it would take if all 70 people on my course alone in a teacher training college went in not even having looked at it. Having said that I know not all of them have sessions like mine did before sending you off explaining the purpose and advising which bits to fill in and what format to use. I tihnk this is what is lacking judging by the posts that have been appearing.
  7. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Hi Chili
    Yep the process you describe is what I meant by dialogue so attention is given to identifying strengths and weaknesses and a joint CEPD is produced-unfortunately in some places it is seen as a paperwork exercise to be landed on the student and just countersigned by tutor and it does not really help anyone then not least the receiving school
  8. I am just moving this to the top.
    Can we just print off the pages and jot a few ideas under the heading/question bit. Or should it be typed and printed? If its meant to be a discussion then surely it should be added to / or bits removed.
    I am having a postprac tutorial this week and my tutor said at my last observation that I should just bring it in all done ( and she said something about trusting me to do it right).A little confused as what is right?
    I have down loaded two documents and they are similar but not the same and now I am even more confused.
    Please could someone tell me exactly what they did (not so much what you wrote) but where you wrote it and how you got it etc What did yoy do with your tutor. My uni are not very forthcoming my class lecturer didnt know what one was!
  9. Thanks Chilli B. That was the bit I had started to fill in. Did you type it?
  10. Sorry another question - how much approx did you write for each question? I know its a kind of how longs a piece of string type thing but any guidance is good.
  11. I was about to ask the same question. In the file it's got a list of questions - are people just responding in a couple of sentences to those questions? I'm struggling to get started on it at the moment :(
  12. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Don't write too much- 2/3 bullets- but make it relevant to you- The CEDP comes in useful as a starting point to plan your induction and can highlight particular areas for training and observation. This is especially so in the early stages of the term when schools are planning what induction will be like, what courses to book what observations to arrange what AST's to use etc.
  13. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    I am happy to email mine to folk if it would help. Originally written for Middle Years training but it might help if people have something to delete my gubbins and type in their own even...

    Email: middleschools@gmail.com
  14. Seems like a complete waste of time to me. We had to write 5 pages for no reason as I have since heard of people writing a side and our own tutors admitted that no one ever reads them. Sometimes I'm sure they go looking for hoops to make us jump through...
  15. Distinct flavour of paperwork exercise... In my case I wrote about half a side of A4 spaced out with nice BIG headings to fill the paper. Told to put everything in positive terms - even the areas identified as needing more development. Very much doubt that anyone is in the least bit interested in this document even though it needs to be coutnersigned by two separate university staff in addition to the student.

    Waste of time - like so much of the paperwork generated in ITT. Undoubtedly seemed like a good idea when mooted by people long removed from the reality of training.
  16. my uni has their own format that we use, when i did it (ours had to be in by 9th june) i wrote down a few ideas and discussed it with my mentor, who gave me some other ideas and then typed it all onto the given form, sent it to my mentor again to check, she ok'd it, printed it off so my professional tutor could sign it and that was it! i didnt have much on it, perhaps 3 things for each.
  17. Yes, another paper exercise (for others see training diary, teaching file....). Sure that nobody will actually look at it. I just downloaded the copies from the website, and printed out one of them to fill out in minimal detail. We get an hour with our tutor each this week to discuss progress and plans, which could be easily done without written prompts, but never mind.
    Good luck with the final stretch!
  18. Just been to see my tutor to look over my CEDP. She didnt look at the thing, we just discussed the stuff I had written in it - brief notes, then she made a photocopy 'for her file'. Meaning = probably not to look at again, or at most, something to add to my reference. Don't worry!
    Len :)
  19. I don't see any reason why this should be more than one side of A4. Using the templates from tda the easiest is just four questions about each of which you should write about three or four lines. Use the questions as the basis for section headings (eg 'The most interesting and rewarding aspects of teaching', 'My strengths and achievements as a teacher', 'Aspects of teaching where I would value further experience in the future' & 'Professional aspirations and goals').

    Don't sweat over this document. The only point about which we were cautioned was the use of correct English - but only because the countersigner was a very picky and had a habit of returning them for rewrites. Everything that I have heard says this is a total waste of time - so keep it simple and the time wasted to a minimum!

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