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CEDP file?

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by nebveb, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. nebveb

    nebveb New commenter

    hi, I am an NQT as well. You definitely should be able to see your mentor weekly. Evidence will I guess depend on the school. From my understanding it is more about you knowing that you have the evidence, can use stuff from your training and most of the other stuff you will be doing as you go along. If you send me your email I will email you something that someone sent me from the TES to fill in the standards (I am not fully sure how to use it yet) but you can adapt it and the person helpfully left a few of their standards in as a starting point. Keep in touch and hope it goes well.

  2. Hi NNS
    There is a handy evidence log file that's been uploaded to TES Resources which you might find useful. It's been five star rated - so should be good. Download it at the link below.
    NQT Evidence Log
    Good luck
  3. Hi could you also send me this NQT Log aswell. I also am a NQT this year and am slightly confused by the paperwork also. Thanks loadsa.

    My email is jmunnelly@hotmail.co.uk
  4. nebveb

    nebveb New commenter

    Just to say to all those that emailed - I have looked at the link above and this is the thing that I was going to email to you only this has more examples in it.

  5. Please can you send me this - New NQT this year and also not sure if I need to meticulously go through my paperwork to date and list/copy pieces of evidence etc.
    Huge thanks.
    Lucinda Long

  6. I have just started my NQT year and my mentor has said that I don't need to do the C standards (she hasn't heard of them) and that no-one will be checking them.
    i am a little confused - do I need to do them (as in, compile / note evidence for them) or is it an individual school decision?
    Thanks for any advice

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