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CD Players for AS Listening exam?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by mkid, May 14, 2011.

  1. mkid

    mkid New commenter

    I would be grateful for advice on the best way to conduct the AS Listening Test. Our CD players are not very reliable so I need to update them.
    Are CDs likely to be phased out soon?
  2. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    CDs have only just come in. The best way to use them is in your ICT room on desktops or laptops using Windows Media Player.
  3. Listo83

    Listo83 New commenter

    Rip the CD to a computer and paste the tracks into a shared area just before the candidates come in. Have the computers logged on before the candidates come in just so that you can check all stations. Have some spare stations set up just in case there's a problem.
    If you don't want to rip the CD, you can download an mp3 from the exam board website... if it's Edexcel, that is.
    The ripped tracks or downloaded mp3s can be opened easily in WMPlayer as the person above said.
  4. mkid

    mkid New commenter

    Thank you for the advice.
    How do you prevent candidates from using internet during the exam?
  5. Listo83

    Listo83 New commenter

    Get IT technician to disable internet access?
  6. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    Or with especially vigilant invigilators. Mind you, one thing you can't prevent is the candidates slowing down the playing speed.
  7. We use AQA for A level and a couple of years ago, when mp3s came in, I rang and asked when CDs were likely to be phased out as we weren't sure whether to get some CD players (we know how they work!) or whether to bite the bullet and get mp3 players (which we were all pretty unfamiliar with...). Anyway AQA couldn't give us any concrete advice other than that CDs would be available for the next 3 years. We decided to go for mp3 players then as we knew we wouldn't be able to buy again in the next few years if AQA decided to go just for mp3s.
    Anyway, the mp3 players work really well. They're cheap, you can use them for practice in the classroom without booking into an ICT room and they are what the pupils are used to using.
    We have the technicians put the tracks onto them for the real exams, but store them in the department and transfer files across on computer when doing practices. We keep past exam tracks on the ICT network so that this is easy to do whenever you need them.
    I'd vote mp3 every time!
  8. BrightonEarly

    BrightonEarly Occasional commenter

    I've only tried the computer way - we don't have any mp3 players at all. The students find this fine. With separate discs and CD players, the students could only rewind to the beginning each time, there was no facility to repeat little bits at a time, which was irritating and took up precious exam time.
    On a slightly different tack, I booked an IT room for my GCSE class as a way to do higher and foundation listening at the same time with headphones. It's a shame we can't do this in the real exam, clearly the pupils don't have the option of pausing/rewinding as at A level, but the students all said they could concentrate much better that way.

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