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CD order for moderators (Edexcel GCSE)

Discussion in 'Music' started by nikkib_1986, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. nikkib_1986

    nikkib_1986 New commenter

    Hi everyone!

    Can someone just clarify the running order for CDs to send to moderators? The more I read the specification the more confused I become!!

    Do I have one CD for performance and one CD for composition?

    CD1 would run as:
    Centre announcement
    Candidate A solo performance
    Candidate A ensemble performance
    Candidate B solo performance
    Candidate B ensemble performance etc.

    Is it the same for the composition CD?

    Then obviously any commercial recordings (through lack of a score) go on individual CDs to be placed in individual candidates MUS Forms.

    Sorry if there are a lot of questions here!- It's my first time of doing this on my own and I just want to make sure I've got everything right!

  2. Yes, that's it. One CD for performing to one moderator, and a separate CD for composing to another moderator (as indicated on the bottom of the Optems forms). And generally, I put all the commercial recordings of performances on one CD as it seems wasteful to put a single track on one CD per candidate. Welcome to Edexcel!

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