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Discussion in 'Primary' started by tinyschool, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Hello all,

    Does anyone have any old CCRS essays they have completed? I am looking for inspiration for a forthcoming essay I need to write. A starting point is always helpful.

    Many Thanks
  2. Hello all,

    Does anyone have any old CCRS essays they have completed? I am looking for inspiration for a forthcoming essay I need to write. A starting point is always helpful.

    Many Thanks
  3. what's the title?
  4. "Relate Fowler's 'Stages of Faith Developmet' to the story of your own faith development."

    I can link up my own faith development to Fowler's model and think of reasons to justify but I am finding it difficult to find a way into the essay . . ! Any help greatly appreciated as it has been a while since I had to write any assignments.

  5. Sorry...no essays about that at all! wouldn't know where to start myself!
    good luck
  6. I have just completed my CCRS but know nothing about that. Do you have a choice of essay titles?
  7. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

    I am going to enrol for the CCRS. Is it hard?
  8. I've also completed my CCRS and have never heard of that as an essay or topic covered.

    CCRS isn't hard, it's just time consuming.
  9. Ooh, look in 1 Kings and focus on, oh what's his name.....?......oh yes....Elijah the Tishbite!

    He calls down fire from heaven on the Priests of Baal....Lots there for the modern world....and don't forget Jeremiah and Isaiah too! You may even want to briefly mention some minor prophets like Baruch.....

    Good luck!
  10. I found the CCRS hard and time consuming. Having no religious interest or understanding it took me a lot of time to sit and do it.
    I think if you have a reasonable level of understanding and interest it will be easy but as said before time consuming!
  11. Hiya, im doing the CCRS distance learning and have found it quite interesting! im about to start my first essay but have a choice of about 15 titles. must admit, i dont have a clue which one im going to do as they all seem very difficult to do but ill just pick the one which seems easier! one of the questions 'you tell your friend you are doing this course and they say its pointless, you did it all at school, how do you respond to that?' seems a good one as that is the responce i got from most people but when i was offered the job they insisted i did the course! sorry i cant help with your question, maybe you should try a different one if possible xx
  12. ps, mancminx i would highly recommend doing the distance learning course, that way you dont have to go to classes every week and you can work through the modules at your own pace! i could hunt out the details if you want? even if you have been going to classes you can switch to distance learning xxx
  13. is it a lifelight course cuteNQT? i seem to remember a title like that on my long distance course. The only downside of the long distance course was that I had to attend two weekend courses in Llandudo. Glad i did it though.
  14. hi , im am also beginning my ccrs ? i was about to write the same mgs as yours? did u get any help? have u completed it? id appreciate an essay to read to guage detail etc if u had any?
    thanks p
  15. niamhers21

    niamhers21 New commenter

    Do you have your essays you could send me please I've just started this and dont know where to begin some guidance would be of help
  16. denise1990

    denise1990 New commenter

    Hi, did you get any assignments?
  17. doylerory

    doylerory New commenter

    Hi, I'm wondering the same. I could do with a starting point. What course are you doing? Maybe we could help each other out?

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