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Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by bettyboots, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Yes - I did this with Real Training two years ago.
    Very interesting, and very useful since I do a lot of assessment in my job. I did the distance learning kind of thing, and don't know how they could possibly fit all that into a four day course.

  2. Thanks for that, very few people seem to have heard of it. I too plan to do it through distance learning. How long did it take you to complete and how work intensive is it?
  3. kate harvey

    kate harvey New commenter

    Hi there.
    I did CCET with real training. Took me about 8 months on line but you could do it in a couple of months if you put our mind to it!

    Found this ebook helpful. A brief introduction to educational testing and psychometric assessment


    PM me for any more info
  4. Am doing it at the moment. It can take a short time if you are free a lot but can take longer depending on your work load. It is very interesting, especially if you do lots of assessment and apply for access arrangements.


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