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CCEA GCSE ICT withdrawn for English Centres

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by hollata, May 21, 2012.

  1. We started to offer the CCEA GCSE ICT last September and today I received a memo from CCEA advising their GCSE ICT is not being offered to UK centres effective September 2012 . So kind of them to tell us after options have already been offered to the new cohort (with the CCEA content in the option booklet).
  2. I wish all exam boards would kick this sorry excuse for a "qualification" into touch. It is rubbish; it teaches kids little to nothing in the theory part and little to nothing with the "controlled assessments. Whoever was supposed to watch over standards for this course should be fired. No, tortured first and then fired.That'll teach them to get off their sorry ar*es and do some work.
  3. Pandora Peroxide

    Pandora Peroxide New commenter

    I got that one on Friday afternoon! Now looking into other GCSE Options for the cohort for September who, as yours, have had promotion for CCEA. I am advised that as it is out of our hands they will have to put up with whatever we offer!
    Which board are you thinking of jumping to, if you have had time to think?!
  4. I think all of the exam boards are finally getting the message. The ICT GCSE has taken such a battering recently (and rightly so) that I would be very surprised indeed if the other exam boards didn't follow suit over the next few weeks. No amount of money from fees can be worth the amount of hassle; the widespread accusations of institutional cheating and the accusations of a very dumbed down course not even worthy of Noddy.

  5. Pandora Peroxide

    Pandora Peroxide New commenter

    We are currently weighing up Edexcel and WJEC as our options.

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