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CCEA A Level Literature Spec Change

Discussion in 'English' started by ndavidson91, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. ndavidson91

    ndavidson91 New commenter

    Hi all, was just wondering what text choices people would make for the new CCEA specification being implemented in September 2016.
  2. gallas33

    gallas33 New commenter


    I am going to be teaching Frankenstein to AS level using the new CCEA spec. What are you planning?
  3. ndavidson91

    ndavidson91 New commenter

    I was thinking Frankenstein too, purely because I found a really good sample OCR scheme of work!
  4. aspiringteacher95

    aspiringteacher95 New commenter

    Just seeing this now:

    - Heaney and Frost, Austen's Emma, and A Streetcar Named Desire


    - John Donne OR Chaucer, The Winter's Tale and The Shock of the Fall/The Catcher in the Rye

    Doesn't it feel as if this spec isn't as challenging as the last?

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