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Cause for Concern

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by caughtupinachaosofbooks, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. caughtupinachaosofbooks

    caughtupinachaosofbooks New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I just want to rant as usual. I had my observation with my university tutor coming in alongside my host teacher. The lesson as expected went really bad! It's my worst class. I dread, my legs shake before entering the classroom to teach this class all the time.

    This school is my second placement and overall, it is totally different to my first placement school which I got graded a 2 overall and made loads of progress. Now this placement has knocked my confidence big time. I just feel like crying every day and just cannot wait to leave this school - I count days down.

    My mentor/host teachers are quite supportive, however from what the university expects they haven't been able to do so quite successfully. So my university tutor came in to observe myself and the teacher who carried out the observation.

    Well, to sum up, I've been put on Cause for Concern, and have 2 weeks to turn things around. I got a lot of negative feedback which I am aware of myself. It's not like I'm not making progress in my other lessons, but with this class, in particular, I just cannot improve.

    My other host teacher does critique me and in a very positive way. But, he has acknowledged and always highlighted the fact that I am making progress/I take upon feedback for his lessons that I teach. If I am honest, I find the other host teacher more comfortable with, I don't feel intimidated, and somewhat confident.

    I don't know what to do! I'm not a give up person, I've come this far and the last thing would be to quit or get kicked off. I feel awful, I haven't eaten (well I barely eat properly ever since I've been at this placement), I'm losing my hair ever since I've been at this school etc.

    I like teaching! I love being in the classroom with students. I want to teach, I want to be the reason for the young generation to succeed. But, this school is just making it difficult for me to attain my goal. I don't know if I'll get through the end of this placement with success. I've come this far and don't want to give up, but I feel lost.

    Any advice? Suggestions?
  2. eamonne1

    eamonne1 New commenter

    leave now- it’s not worth your health. Things will not get radically better in teaching as long as Ofsted is in charge. It is a toxic, negative body and is fray education down.
  3. emmy1309

    emmy1309 New commenter

    I was in an extremely similar position to you this time last year and could have done with some advice.

    Here's what I've learnt from experiences with a condescending mentor. Get really tough with the class. Do not give them one inch and every time they flout the behaviour system, write their name on the board and follow through with the punishment. If you have any type of removal room, use it when you are supposed to and don't hesitate.

    I have had more than half of a large class in after school detention before. The trick is to be persistent. If it takes weeks of this they will get it eventually. Just don't give up.

    Your host teacher doesn't sound like they're going to assist you so just pretend they aren't there and do this for yourself. I've had horrific words said to me, and things thrown at me, and I've never given up. Some of those kids have also sent me cards and bought me presents because I am leaving. I only got that through consistency and restorative practice during detention. Put them in and have a chat with them about their behaviour and how they could get it right next lesson. Make sure to say next lesson is a fresh lesson and a new start. You could ask to see a more experienced teacher do this to get the hang of it with tougher kids.

    It will be hard at first but at least it'll prove to your host teacher you are trying to turn this around for yourself.
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  4. Robfreeman

    Robfreeman Occasional commenter

    Im guessing PGCE. In the past ive had students who i knew weren't suited to my school but could make very good teachers when that happened ive always recommended a placement extension sometime a person doesnt suit the school or and i hold my hands up to this I haven't provided enough support despite thinking i have due to inexperience as a mentor; my thoughts was in those cases recommend another chance if they did well the first time it may be me and or the school.

    You may not suit the school none are the same you have to find one you fit into.

    Remember the kids wont remember you in five years. Dont worry about how they feel your there to help them despite themselves. Never be afraid to use the schools behaviour system many classes can be brought around by being firm and fair. Its never personal and students understand that; it took me a long time to believe that.
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