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cause for concern

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sulas, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. After a number of years of doing 'topic' work we have now been told that we are going back to a very rigid and strructured timetable as a result of our ofsted report. I am now to do a unit on mountain environments with year 6,
    How do i make this interesting and inspire the class to amazing things. Have any of you completed this unit and how did you make it interesting? Heeeelp. Pleeeaaase! [​IMG]
  2. I think first it is a matter of addressing personal experiences,mountain environments are interesting, intrinsically in themselves. Last week I was watching some of the BBC's "Wild.." series, the "Wild Africa" dvd has some great footage on the wildlife in the mountains, similar the "Wild South America" also released as "Andes to Amazon".
    I think if I were doing this, I'd aim to draw on my personal resources such as the aforementioned dvds, I'd also read through the former publications like LCP Geography which develop this unit, to inform me of what might be suitable content. I'd aim to break it down to key questions and ways of pursuing these questions, be it internet research or dvds or book research. how could this information be presented in an engaging way?

  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Think how you would have taught it before. You must have taught children about mountains, even within a topic. Just select the bits from there that are pure geography and go with those.

    Go on a journey up a mountain and explore all the various aspects week by week as you go?
  4. Why that unit? Where did that come from?
  5. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    Could you link it to snowboarding and how certain areas get their income from this - could possibly then link this to some science work on forces??? Not the most exciting but just an idea
  6. Mountain regions provide work/enjoyment for those who use them: skiers, mountaineers. They are home to all sorts of wildlife - and some humans. In ecological terms thay are a result of the shifting of vast ice sheets and glaciers millions of years ago as a result of the Earth`s formation and continuous change such as the ending of the Ice Age (topical here) whose size and power we find impossible to understand. They provide borders between countries. Probably the most important in my view is their importance to the Water Cycle, without which we`d all be dead as the dodo. Get the kids to make a 3D map of a mountainous range using papier mache - with highs and lows and moutain lakes and rivers. Add pictures of mountain people at work and rest; animals; birds, etc. Sorry to go on.
  7. Antbru, I agree with much of your valuable post, but for the account of the formation of mountains. The glaciation produced the "U" shaped valleys and lakes, but the mountains themselves will mostly have formed from plate tectonics, two colliding plates resulting in subduction and an upwards movement of rock. Take a couple of rags or hand towels place them apart on a table and move them towards each other. Slowly they will mound up where they meet as you continue pushing them together. You have created a mountain chain. Some other mountains are purely volcanic, but volanoes usually create a ring of fire along the tectonic lines, the Andes is the longest mountain chain in the world, with plenty of volcanoes along it...
  8. I did a Youtube search on mountain formation. Here are three animations or class presentations of mountain formation:




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  9. There's a few YouTube videos, maybe a challenge for your class to create a blog or video or animation too. One below is plate tectonics, another some secondary children made a video about the formation of the Himalayas:


  10. Fuzzybrainjo

    Fuzzybrainjo New commenter

    in my school the children research different mountain environments and then make and present a powerpoint presentation on it. They look at things like terrain, weather, climate, etc. You could separate them into groups and they could research different mountains/ranges in different countries.
    you could approach it using the tasc wheel which may make it more interesting for them.
    Good luck

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