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Catastrophe!! RBL wants to undo Labour's super legacy and close "brilliant academy schools"

Discussion in 'Education news' started by adultsocialcare, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. adultsocialcare

    adultsocialcare Occasional commenter

    Labour's most successful prime minister ever Tony Blair and his education advisor, Andrew Adonis, masterminded the wildly successful academies program, bringing in the Learning and Skills Act in 2000 . This massively boosted struggling schools in deprived inner-city areas and changed the lives of tens of thousands of little ones. However, a deep investigation into Labour's current education plans has produced some worrying findings:


    Once it was clear what she planning, Rebecca Long-Bailey finally confessed to the media that she did indeed intend to examine education policy to find out “how quickly we can bring academies into local authority control”. Although RLB acknowledged "that we have brilliant academy schools", she appears to want to reverse TB and Labour's best ever policy for the sake of change, to wipe away TB's legacy and to make her mark, something her mentor Corbyn desperately wanted to do as well., before he was forced to resign after Labour's biggest ever loss at a General Election. Although this would cause an extraordinary amount of disruption, RLB confessed she wanted to be ready to press ahead as soon as Labour gets into power in nine and a half years time.

    Absolutely shocking! Surely change should be for sound educational reasons based on science. She must be forced to publish the science that proves her fanciful ideas are correct.
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    So what data (because it's not really science) proved the ideas when academies were introduced?
    What analyses show that academies are outperforming other schools?
    Some academies did well because they got a funding boost having previously been neglected.
    What's the justification for MATs being better than locally accountable schools?
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  3. ChrisH77

    ChrisH77 New commenter

    MATs affront socialist principles by creaming off £££ in exec salaries and consultancy fees, even when they are not-for-profit.
    LA control is too much like socialism for the right.
    It has precious little to do with education.

    On my supply circuit, I see effective and struggling schools of either sort.
  4. PeterQuint

    PeterQuint Lead commenter

    Before I even bother reading the rant, I know it'll be a waste of time, because the title isn't even correct.

    Where did she say she wanted to close them? Bring them back under local control, surely.
  5. physicsfanboy

    physicsfanboy Occasional commenter

    Excellent, another reason to vote for and campaign for Labour.
    The academies program needs to have a stake put through its' heart and be buried under a crossroads. The amount of money stolen from the pupils by greedy management is astonishing. The sheer obscenity of a school having a 'CEO'.
    The idiocy of pretending schools are businesses, that individual schools can get better deals on stuff than LA's with hundreds of schools, that teachers can / should be on as little money as the greedy management can manage and that this is anything other than a 'snouts in the trough' exercise for the mates of some tories is breathtaking.
    By the way, the academies program is tory, not labour. Before the usual suspects on here bang on about it being started by Blair, two things:
    1) Blair wasn't a labour leader, he was tory-lite.
    2) When the conservatives took over after Blair, they reused the name of the academies program, but changed everything about it to allow their friends to steal all the money. Almost clever for a tory, if they got caught they could just claim it was Labours fault.
  6. Morninglover

    Morninglover Star commenter

    Bring back local democracy for schools - excellent policy.
    MarieAnn18 and ridleyrumpus like this.
  7. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

  8. Ivanhoe

    Ivanhoe New commenter

    Luvsskiing - So you advocate a school system that you couldn't handle and stropped out of a number of years ago?
  9. slugtrial

    slugtrial New commenter

    Like it’s been said before, you need to get away from writing tread titles in the same style as your other forum usernames.
  10. Robfreeman

    Robfreeman Occasional commenter

    When i read the title i thought why would the royal british legion be involving itself in education reform as well.

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