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Cat with a poorly tum

Discussion in 'Personal' started by charlene_bell, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all, know there are lots of lovely cat lovers on here and I need a bit of advice. My 18month old cat has developed the runs today. We have just started to let her outside a few weeks ago and I am worried she may have eaten something she shouldn't have.
    She doesn't seem ill in any other means than she has the runs. She is begging to go out but I haven't let her incase it is something she's eaten. I haven't given her any wet food today just her biscuits and plenty fresh water.
    Is there anything else I should do? Also how long do I leave it before I take her to the vet? I was thinking 24hrs but is that too long?
    Like I said she seems herself, jumping and running around but she is very unhappy about not being allowed out.
    Any advice would be really appreciated.
  2. LittleBrownBear

    LittleBrownBear New commenter

    She may have eaten too much grass. Mine throws up if she eats too much of it (lovely). She is fine afterwards just has a delicate tummy!
    If your cat is drinking and eating as normal is running around with the same energy levels and is not showing signs of being lethargic or sleeping more than normal then she has probably just eaten something new that doesn't agree with her. If anything changes i.e she stops eating or drinking or suddenly goes really lathargic get her to the vets pronto.
    There is a online vets forum thing - something like "should I take my pet to the vet" or something along those lines! Anyway you can post on there and then a vet will say what to do- they gave me advice once and saved my hundreds in vet bills!!
    Just keep an eye on her and if anything changes then straight to the vet.
    LBB - cat owner and lover!

  3. Thanks so much LBB will give that website a try xx
  4. LittleBrownBear

    LittleBrownBear New commenter

    No worries- sometimes you wish they could talk to you!

    It was www.doineedavet.co.uk- just went through my favourites! Lots of posts on there so you may find something similar.
    Hope your cat is fine x

  5. Hiya,
    To the poster above (I can never remember user names, sorry!!) cats actually eat grass when they are feeling poorly in order to make themselves throw up - funny little things they are.
    Cats have very sensitive tums, and can become dehydrated very quickly - particularly kittens. As she's an adult cat and is acting normally I would say not to worry. You're doing the right thing to keep her in as you can watch for changes in behaviour. If she changes her behaviour or becomes lethargic, take her to the vets. Also, pinch the skin on the back of her neck lightly - if it springs back, she is not dehydrated..just keep an eye on it.
    I would say 24 hours of it and its a vet trip.
    In the mean time, some plain chicken is easy on the tummy and I would avoid anything else - even cat biscuits as they are dry but still contain lots of other ingredients. When the runs clear up, mix some chicken in with her food to wean her tummy back on to it. Has she had a change in food lately?
    My Max used to get the runs frequently and can only now have one brand of food -Felix. It isnt as rich as Whiskas and some other brands. I took him to the vets and got exactly the advice above which I am passing on to you.
    It happened regularly so they checked for a common bacteria with a poo sample (its something that can cause human tummy bugs too but I cant remember what its called), and as there was nothing there they diagnosed him as just having a sensitive tum.
    Im sure she'll be fine - its fairly common in cats and as long as it clears up quickly its OK.
  6. I'd echo the good advice above (sorry, I can't remember usernames either!), but would like to add that you should keep an eye on her poos and if you notice mucus or blood, then I would take her to be checked out sooner rather than later.
    Hope she's better soon.
  7. I agree with the others-it's probably something she's eaten that doesn't agree with her but continue to observe her. My oldest cat once came back from a jaunt out, went to cuddle up with my mum and then promptly vomited all over her. In the vomit were the remains of 2 half digested sausages so I don't know where he'd been but obviously the meat wasn't exactly good quality!
  8. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Oh no! Cat sick is the worst!
    One of my kittens came in toady after being outside for about an hour. She pooed in the litter tray but clearly didn't quite finish and proceed to drag herself, on her backside, across the kitchen floor and then onto the hallway carpet. Eurrgghhh! I was just on my way out to the gym but have now had to spend half an hour scrubbing the carpet and spraying air-freshener. She seemed to have a lot of undigested grass coming out of her.
    Good job we love 'em. Siiiiggggghhhh...

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