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Cat question!! Help needed fast!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by the apprentice, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    After a few days of smelling cat... We've just realised that a local 'Tom cat' has been marking his scent in our kitchen!!! At first we thought it was our female cat but tonight another cat strolled in as bold as brass!! He's getting in through the cat flap and ours is just letting him!!!
    He's been eating her food and we're not happy with the foul smell he's obviously leaving!'
    Not really happy about locking the cat flap as ours loves to come in and out, just hoping that someone can recommend a magnetic cat flap? Please say there is one that works or how do we stop the Tom cat marking his territory!?! Thanks
  2. rosievoice

    rosievoice Star commenter

    This happened to a friend of mine. You can buy a magnetic cat flap. It means your cat will have to wear a collar with a small solenoid (?) on it to allow her access and deny the squirting tom!. Try the Feline Advisory Bureau for information. Good luck!
  3. If your cat wont wear a magnetic collar (they are generally bulky, and cats loose collars constantly) - you can get microchip activated catflaps.

  4. Also, if/when you see the cat make lots of noise and/or squirt it with some water - it'll hopefully learn that your house isnt a nice place to be!
  5. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    Yes thinking of a magnetic one but hadn't thought about them being heavy, and she's only a little cat! Was hoping someone could recommend one! Will ring up for advice today!
    And don't worry about ' making our house the place soooo not to be' will take great pleasure from throwing water over him etc!!! Smelly boy!!!
    So unfair , our cat is really clean and feel she shouldn't be punished because of him!!!
    Hubby did mention about finding out where he's from and going to demand him ( the Tom cat) being done to stop him spraying...going round and telling them off... I did laugh .. Now that's something I've got to see!!!!
  6. This should probably be a separate thread but why are people so reluctant to neuter their pets? An unneutered tom is a menace - spraying, fighting which can lead to horrid infections. A female produces dozens of litters in her (shortened) lifetime. It is so irresponsible and makes me so angry. Same with dogs too.
    We were adopted by a very young cat at Christmas and the first thing I did was have her spayed as soon as she was old enough. It cost £80 but I negociated it down to £60 because she was a stray. Males are even cheaper to have done. There is no excuse.
    Rant over!
  7. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    I would be tempted to catch the cat and have it neutered.

  8. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    We have a magentic cat flap but have installed it so they need a magent to get out not in! Why....becasue it stops the Jack Russell from getting out!
    One of my cats is very petite and has no trouble with the magnet on her collar. It's a metal ball approx 1cm in diameter. Was amusing thought to find her with a teaspoon attached to her collar one day.....and it wasn't one of our teaspoons!
    There are other fancy cat flaps but they are VERY expensive.
    The magnetic one will do the trick for sure.
  9. Staywell magnetic cat flap - can be bought in Pets at Home for £34.99. It has the wee ball Belle mentioned to unlock the catflap and ensure others stay out. I always return to that one when I move house and need to install a cat flap.
  10. My mum has just bought a microchip one for our 2 cats. You input their microchip number in (somewhere, not sure where) and the cat flap recognises it.
    Used to have the magnet one, but the magnets can get lost. We also had a few interesting items brought into the house attached to the magnet. Spoons, forks, nails etc!
  11. Not sure about magnetic but ifyuor cat is microchipped you can get a flap that opens in response tothe chip
  12. Whilst on the subject of cat flaps, does anyone have any hints on how to train a cat to use one?
    (recently adopted a cat, and we keep the flap propped open, because she likes to get in and out, but won't use the flap. We are getting similar probs to the OP because of it)
    Sorry to stray from OP (no pun intended!)
  13. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    Hi many thanks for all the replies..lots of good ideas,and will be looking on line in a minute!!
    Coalwoman. as for getting the cat to use the cat flap..we closed the door and took treats either inside and held them in the middle of the cat flap/door bit to encourage her in or out!! and she soon got the hang of it!!
    As for cats not being neutered it not fair and so unkind to the animal..we chose a female cat(who is done,and micro chipped) so spaying would not be a problem! The male cat in question is pure jet black and not the easiest to spot at night..but l am going to scare him off at every opportunity..thinking 'super soakers' water gun!!!
    Will definately have a look at the micro chipped ones as l don't want her to be indoors all day!..or out for that matter!!

    The kitchen /diner was soo smelly this morning and after crawling around..found that the cat had sprayed on my 'designer' black handbag...it stank!!! while l've been at work my hubby has taken out all the contents!!! and put the handbag in the shed!!! But as we speak the handbag is in the wash,even though it said'do not wash'!!! Bet it get ruined!! Have sprayed fabreeze everywhere...but hate a cat smell...
    Think until we get a new cat flap l will lock it....and lets hope my handbag survives!!!
  14. We have a magnetic cat flap. It works really well until the collar/magnet is lost-one of our cats lost his collar in our last house and woke everybody up at 3 am trying to get in and yowling because it wasn't working! He's the only one that uses the flap really as our other 2 are house cats who are so lazy they rarely even leave their beds
  15. hahahaa
    We had a magnetic catflap, but our cat is so tiny she struggled to get past the magnet - it held her in place!
  16. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    We've had identical problems to the OP, with big bully Tom sneaking in, scoffing the food and spraying in the house. We lock the cat flap when we go to bed and our cat is now used to that, save the occasional 6am whingeing and scratching at the bedroom door to be let out. I also keep a super soaker handy, and if I see big bully Tom staring through the catflap I charge across the lounge towards him shouting and pulling faces. Our cat hates collars so the magnetic flap simply isn't an option.

    However, having never considered the microchip-reading catflap option I might now give it some serious thought.
  17. Gad, my moggs would be up in arms at such human control. I find having any male cat in the house enough to deter other cats ( and they are castrated). Just balance up the power differentials and no need for any of that.
  18. I used to have a neutered male that would sit outside the back door and watch as other cats walked into the kitchen and scoffed his food!
  19. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    Yep. Once you've installed the cat flap, spend a day poking the cat through it each way.
    Next day, have someone bring round a dog like the one in the Tom and Jerry cartoons and lock them both in the room with the cat flap.
    The cat will either learn pretty quickly or you'll have a cat-shaped hole in your wall.
    It's a harsh lesson, but your cat will either appreciate it in the long-term or your cat ain't a cat worth having.

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