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Cat owners, upset neighbour. Advice?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by dogcat, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. You don't 'own' a cat in the same way you own a dog. Cats are a law unto themselves. They are protected by law in terms of their right to roam. Unfortunately, this also means they are free to 'do their business' wherever they want to.
    Personally, we have two housecats. We have enough trouble getting them to 'go' where we want them to in the house, I can only imagine what they'd be like if they went outdoors!
    I don't actually think there is anything a cat owner can do to stop a cat pooing in someone elses garden. If you think there is your patently don't understand what a cat is! Yes, there are things you can recommend a cat owner does (cat litter in the garden, neighbours scaring the cat away etc) but they won't necessarily work.
    If you don't like a cat coming into your garden, then you need to sort the problem out yourself. I mean in terms of making loud noises to scare etc, not hurting the animal. Think about what is in your garden. For example, my parents next door neighbour has a front garden entirely covered in small pebbles. What does this mean to my cat? A giant cat litter of course! She used to poo in there, so my neighbours bought a plastic dog and plonked it in the middle to scare my cat away. My cat was regularly seen sniffing the plastic dog- she lives with a Border Collie, it's rather funny that my parents neighbours thought she'd be scared of a plastic dog!
    As for cats hunting, that's just nature. In much the same way that birds and mice hunt themselves. My parents cat has a special 'beeper' on her collar with alarms if she goes into 'pounce position', but there's nothing more that can be done except keeping the cat inside- which wouldn't be fair to a cat who's used to going outdoors.
  2. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    As I drove into the road at the back of my house this afternoon, our other neighbour's cat ran up to the car to greet me!
    Daft animal - if I hadn't been going really slowly and carefully, it would not have had a good outcome[​IMG]
    Cat obviously lacking the road safety gene and too heavily endowed with friendly welcoming one.
  3. dogcat

    dogcat New commenter

    Neighbour complained to me again today, said cats are doing it under his bush in the morning. I have offered to get some cat repellent stuff for him, but he says he has used it for a different neighbour's cats in the past and it doesn't do anything.
    Cat litter tray inside is clean etc, honestly not sure what I can do. For those who think I should get rid of my cat, not sure you can return them to rescue centres because of neighbour complaining!
    I get why he is annoyed and I understand it must be horrible to have it there but I am not sure what he wants me to do.
  4. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    keep a very close eye on your cat's health...
  5. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    He might want you to offer to clean it up! My cat uses a neighbour's gravel garden as a litter tray and I clean it up. I was so embarrassed when I saw my cat doing his business there!
  6. I agree with katycustard, you should be offering to clean it up! If your cat is doing it somewhere easily accessible then just do a daily check and poop scoop. Easily done, no big deal, no more upset for your neighbour.
  7. And sprinkle Catsoff anyway.
    It work miracles on the big black bruiser that a water spray, lepping round like an eejit and making loud noises had no effect on. He just used to stop and stare at me then carry on with what it was doing.
    I mixed a little white pepper powder with Catsoff and he hasn't been back much! I leave the tin where he can see it!
    I'm not keen on them myself, but this one is lovely in his own home! Just not in my garden! Damn killer, pooer and garden scraper upper! It's what the do!
  8. We have the most lovely neighbours ever, they spend hours in their garden and keep it looking beautiful, spending as much time as they can enjoying it. They were however delighted when our cat died, she used to use their garden to poo in, never ours!! I would love another cat but wouldn't consider it where we live, it was horrible for our neighbours and there was little we could do to stop her.
  9. I used to love my garden. I would be out in there every day, pottering about and enjoying the plants, flowers and birdlife out there.
    Then I got new neighbours, two cats on one side, two cats the other and two on the back.
    My garden is now unusable. The bird table has gone as birds no longer visit. I have slabbed over most of the borders and put down a bed of cobbles. I now have only two mature shrub borders left and am considering getting rid of those because of the cat mess.
    Every weekend I go out and fill a carrier bag with cat poo. I dread the job, I hate the job, it makes me feel sick, it makes me heave, it sometimes makes me weep.
    It isn't hedgehogs or rats or donkeys, it is cats. I know because everytime I look out of my window one of the little bu**ers is pointing its rear end at my borders.
    A few weeks ago was for me the final straw. I had a barbecue and invited friends and family. My husband did the cat poo clear up beforehand and all was well until I noticed the familiar stink of cat **** as we sat down to eat. Searching around I found a slick of wet cat poo beside one of my pots on the patio. It was on the concrete for goodness sake!!! It didn't do a lot for everyones appetite!
    We have now declared 'Operation Cat Poo Elimination! This weekend we placed wire all the way across the top of the fences so that the cats can't get into the garden. My dad has been staying with us and is keeping watch with a water pistol for any intruders getting past the wire barriers. So far we have had one of the little horrors vault onto the kitchen roof but it was repelled by a squirt of water.
    None of the neighbours have said anything so far. They are all quite pleasant people and I don't want to upset anyone but quite frankly enough is enough! I resent having to pay out for bags of boulders and slabs, for wires and water pistols.I would like to spend a weekend without cleaning cat mess. I know that cats can't be controlled but there is something to be said for moral responsibility. If you own a cat it will not poo in your garden, it will be in someone elses.If your cat does a poo every day for every day of its life and it lives until the age of 10, that is approximately 3,650 turds in someone elses garden!
    If you choose to own a cat you also elect to inflict cat mess on your neighbours!

  10. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    buy your neighbours one or more of these and lots of batteries
  11. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    Emilystrange (and others of same opinion)- You have to consider that your behaviour may actually be threatening your cat's life. Your attitude reminds me of when I was a student and a friend asked a neighbour to do something about their dog, which the neighbour would leave outside all night, meaning it would bark and pine all night. Student friend was told to p*ss off. He calmly went home, came back at midnight and shot the dog dead. Now while this is not nice, my point is you must - must - consider the fact there are people like this, and winding them up risks the same result. How will you feel then with smugly saying cats are allowed to roam free and pee and poo as they wish, so get over it???
  12. dogcat

    dogcat New commenter

    I will be offering to clear it up next time I see him. I have checked and it is not anywhere visable, usually underneath there hedge I think. (They are not keen gardeners who are having it ruined.)

    Hopefully my picking it up will alleviate some of the issue.
  13. Somebody else has said it, but apparently orange peel is a great deterrent.
    Cheap and easy.
    Pick up the poop, then buy your neighbour a bag of oranges and tell him where to stick the peel!
  14. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    I don't think you can do more than that dogcat.
  15. dogcat

    dogcat New commenter

    Well I saw a little dog running around in their garden yesterday, going to the hidden bit so if I am told again I will pick it up, but also say that it could easily be from the dog!
  16. Keep a camera to hand and show them the little dog!
    They may be unaware of its antics!
    We found the owner of the big black monster because the lady owner was walking past as I got him with the hosepipe. She was a bit indignant until she saw just how much damage he had done to one flower bed, and the size of his leavings right beside our front door.
    We are quite friendly now and she is not really phased by my persistant hunting of her moggy and I know he is unhurt and has someone friendly to go home to!


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