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Cat owners help needed ASAP please.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by notmeanymore, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. The vet has told me to keep my cat caged until he has surgery tomorrow. He's sorted out with a cage which is big enough to have his bed, food and water and a litter tray far enough from his food to be ok.
    The only problem is I can't get him to use the litter tray. I know he hasn't 'been' since yesterday morning, but has been eating and drinking as normal. Will he give in and eventually use the tray, or is there anything I can do to encourage him?
  2. Aw, poor cat. If he is eating and drinking normally he will "go" eventually. He's just trying not to go at the moment because its all strange and it smells wrong and no matter how distant the litter box is, its too close to his food if its in the cage (nothing you can do about this - his surgery is more important right now). Is his surgery in the morning?
    Hope the poor chap is on the mend soon.
  3. When my cat was confined to a cage ( for a week!) I'd let her out to use the litter tray which I put in the room and then popped her back in when she'd 'been'.
    I'm sure you could do the same as long as he is under close supervision ( lift him into the tray if necessary) and all doors and windows are shut so he can't escape.
    Hope his surgery goes well.
  4. Thanks to you both for your responses.
    His surgery is tomorrow afternoon - complete fusion of all the bones in his paw as he has been badly injured following an attack from another animal. We've to go to an orthopaedic specialist for this (v. expensive, but he's worth every penny). Insurance have said they'll pay so that's a bonus!
    I've been told to keep him in the cage at all times to avoid any pressure on his paw at all, but might go for the option of the litter tray a small distance away and getting him out every so often to use it.
    Thanks again.
  5. jonkers

    jonkers New commenter

    That sounds terrible, what sort of animal injured him? I would reduce his cage size if he is meant to be immobile and lift him into an enclosed litter tray in a diferent part of the room. It definitely sounds as though he shouldn't be putting any weight on that paw at all. I am surprised that the vet doesn't want to operate immediately and hasn't advised starvation (would have also solved the litter tray problem)
    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  6. We don't know what happened really. I only know it was another animal as he has several bite marks as well. Round about here it was a cat, fox or dog probably, but because of the mess his leg is in it's difficult to tell which.
    I think the delay in surgery from yesterday until tomorrow is so he can be fitted in at the specialist who will give him the very best chance of recovery, rather than our own vets operating on him. If the specialist hadn't been able to operate one of the options we were looking at was amputation!
  7. jonkers

    jonkers New commenter

    I know that the amputation option isn't great but if it comes to that you will be amazed at how your cat will cope. We have had a 3 legged dog and cat and both coped very well, living to a good age. Sometimes the best outcome for the cat requires more radical surgery than we would like but if he has been attacked by another animal the risk of infection, particularly with the delay to surgery, is enormous.
    I hope that your vets have given him some broad spectrum antibiotic cover and good luk for tomorrow.
  8. Hope he is OK. I love reading threads about cats because I love my old fat tom. He won't go to anybody except me not even OH (but I brought him up as a kitten before I met OH). Love that. Little victories ha ha!
  9. He's undergoing hugely complex surgery today. It's going to be 3-4 hours under, and is quite experimental apparently, but is his best chance of not losing the leg.
    I'm missing him enormously as he was always the one who'd come for a cuddle and a kiss, the one who 'spoke' to me when he saw me etc. Hope to be getting him back by Monday though, for what will be a long period of enforced caged rest.
    It's hegely expensive - but I love that cat!!
  10. I hope all goes well for the wee man today.
  11. piglet171

    piglet171 New commenter

    Me too.

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