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Casting resin

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by designer85, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. I have been doing an accessories project with a year 8 product design group. Up until now we have been able to enamel, pewter cast, hand form metal/plastic and CAD/CAM. However I would like to try casting resin into silicone moulds. Has anyone tried this before in schools - did you experience any problems and any tips for the best type of resin and silicone to buy?
  2. I think i have seen this in the mindsets catalogue - crystal polyester resin along with various rubber mould kits
  3. I've done it with teenagers, but not in school....

    I picked up all of my supplies from Tiranti - used them right through uni (studied a jewellery based course) and they never let me down.

    Didn't have many issues, however, they were a little impatient waiting for it to cure.... Difference would be (I guess) that you'd get a few days between laying it down and them coming back for their next lesson, while I got less than 12 hours!
  4. I have used silicones and resins for quite a while now. You could go to Teaching Reources to get there products or yo could go and Talk to Alchemie who have it in larger quantities. I could recommend certain grades of Silicone rubeer if you require. If you want a realy fast set solution try a product called siligum from specialst crafts it a little more expensive for the size you get but it will set within 10 mins.
  5. Thanks for the replys - will have a look at your suggestions! quite looking forward to having a go myself!

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