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Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by dadddddddy, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Dear All,

    I need help with this case scenario which l need to find answer to before l attend an interview for an outreach worker position. This is the case study below, please offer me your ideas:

    ?Emily is a three year old with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She is interested in her environment and tries hard to listen. She enjoys adult attention. She has limited mobility but can walk short distance with adult assistance. She finds it physically difficult to use some toys and demonstrate what she knows.

    If you were working with Emily at home how might you encourage her and what type of activities might you do to assess her basic skills and to develop them further??
  2. KimBolger

    KimBolger New commenter

    You do not mention the cognitive level of the child. If she is able I would suggest developing her eye-pointing skills as you can assess many skills in this way by her eye-pointing to objects and/or photographs.
    I would encourage her communciation skills and use favoured activities such as bubbles/songs etc so that she can indicate she wants more by vocalistaions and/or gestures adn then you can develop her skill by using signing or switch use. Also encouarge choice making so that she looks at or reaches towards her choice.
    Introduce cause and effect toys in which she has to use whole hand to operate and then gradually reduce the size of the button.
    Hope this is of some help -obviously it is difficult to respond to the scenario fully as no information has been given around her cognitive skills but in my opinion developing her communciation skills are vital.

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