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Cascaded information for 2015 KS2 mark schemes

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by deborahlane, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. If there are any markers out there, I wondered if you're all willing to share cascaded info about your subject now that the marking period is over.

    I ask because we're looking at scanned papers and think we've found a couple of marking errors, but don't know if info was cascaded down midway through that would mean the mark scheme has changed slightly. We don't want to waste our money or the review team's time if we could all share that info, assuming we're allowed to, of course!

    I marked L6 maths, so am happy to answer questions about whether it's worth sending a review for that.

    Thank you!
  2. I marked the Reading. Q36 was very difficult to mark. If the child hasn't interpreted a phrase lifted from the paragraph, they would be limited to a max 1 mark; even if they provide 3 very clear examples which answer different acceptable elements from the question.

    They were also very strict about find & copy questions.

    I've just finished checking my school's borderline papers- ones to check would be Q27, I've found a couple awarded 0, when 3 correct ticks = 1.

    On another note any SPAG markers? If a child uses a hyphen to attach the prefix on Q45 does it negate the mark?
  3. Can I pick your brain then? A general question: for L6, if an answer was crossed out and not replaced, we marked the crossed out bit. Is that the same for L3 - 5?

    Specifically, Q4: if they copied the whole sentence, but didn't indicate the words 'incredible', 'marvellous' or 'pal', can they have the mark?
  4. thehawk

    thehawk Occasional commenter

    Quite disappointed with the quality of marking. We looked at our borderlines and are appealing all of them, often for three or four marks. Some children have even written a sentence answer that is word for word exactly the same as the accepted answer in the mark scheme and it has been marked wrong.
  5. No. If they copied the whole sentence, no mark. However if they introduce their answer- "it says marvellous"; I would say that is correct.
  6. thehawk

    thehawk Occasional commenter

    Sorry, i wasnt clear. The answer the boy wrote was exactly the same as the one in the mark scheme and was still marked wrong. The mark scheme said "accept x x x " and he has written exactly that. Also in the spag test some spellings are marked as wrong when they are right.
  7. Brianthedog

    Brianthedog Occasional commenter

    I am a marker - SPAG, and am quite surprised at the other reading and maths markers on this thread giving advice. Our contract expressly forbid it. All I will say is that where a school is unhappy with the marks given, there is a review process to go through. If you send scripts back for review and the original mark is upheld, you will be given an explanation.

    My only advice for those teachers who were surprised at some of the marking on the SPAG test - make sure your children write clearly and do not use capital letters - or letters such as s or w which could be ambiguous as a lower case / capital. This is where most of the disputes arose.

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