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Carrying out HOD duties

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by sgraham28, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. I am no expert on these matters, but I would raise the issue with your line manager or the Head. Surely, you should be compensated with some extra time to produce reports for SMT. Nor should you be attending extra meetings if you do not want to - will they pay you extra for that time?. Good management should realise this. It does not sound very fair to me. They are giving you an increased workload and adding to your directed time - surely beyond the duties of a teacher on the main scale of pay without TLR payments. Are you UPS? Maybe they could argue it that way? HODs normally get extra time to deal with their duties - in my school we get one extra non contact period (not PPA) a week. Yes, we have extra meetings and have many reports to write, but then we receive extra pay. If you do not get an agreeable response or come to some compromise, I would be tempted to consult your union rep (if you belong to a union) for further advice.
  2. planb

    planb New commenter

    Thank you sgraham28 for your reply which confirms that I am not being unreasonable feeling that too much seems to be expected from me for nothing. No, I am not UPS or on main pay scale and having to give up any PPA time, particularly at this time of year, is causing me to get quite stressed. I have sole responsibility for my subject. If I run out of time when planning and preparing lessons, I am unable to seek help from anyone else.

  3. I was thinking that if you were on the UPS then SMT might argue that some of these extra duties could be connected to the standards that correlate to those scales. The other attack is directed time - are you given a directed time budget? Personally, we are not so all meetings and extra evenings are a grey area. Like you, I was in charge of a subject and was the only teacher, although I did have a TA and technical support (and excellent they were and still are too). Two years ago we added another teacher to the dept and it has been a refreshing change to have someone to bounce ideas off.
    In a similar vein to you, because I have no Assistant HoD - I end up getting any extra duties dished out to them.
    I am sorry to hear that this is causing you stress. I would advise you to go and have a chat with someone in your SMT to ask them for some extra time to complete their reports or attend their meetings. Take that as a starting point and see what they say. Good luck.

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