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Carrycot vs Moses basket

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by JenCC, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Hi All,
    Although I'm not due til June...I've been thinking about carry cot vs moses basket.
    I'd really like to get a travel system, car seat, buggy and carry cot....and so I got to thinking could the carrycot be used instead of a moses basket??
    The research I've done so far says it depends on the matress and to check in the manufacturer guidelines......but none of the travel systems guidelines or info has that information.
    Anyone any ideas? Experiences?
    Primary reason for wanting a sturdy carrycot is that we're going away in August to see the Olympics in London and will be staying with my mum so wanting to get something to serve a purpose there and at home....but want it to be safe for the baby too.
    Happy holidays to all :)
  2. Hi! We have the iCandy apple, and the carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping but not all are. You'd have to do some research and find one you like, then check. It is to do with thickness of mattress I think?
  3. Hi
    My babies not due till April but we've gone for the Silvercross Sleepover Deluxe as we also needed something that could double as a moses basket as we are going away in August. The Sleepover Deluxe comes with a wooden rocking stand for the carrycot to sit on properly and the fancy white bedding to finish off the moses basket look.
    As already said, have a good check around before deciding as not all carrycots have suitable mattresses.
    Happy shopping!
  4. Hi Girls.....
    Thanks for the advice...yeah I think its the matress that is the issue....I just can't seem to find out what the matress has to be like, they do sell moses basket matresses in mothercare so just need to check the size of the carrycot.
    Hmmmm keep scrtching my head!
  5. You need to be careful that there's no gap between the edges of the carrycot d mattress if you buy a separate mattress for your carrycot- safety?! Just find a travel system that you like, then see if it is suitable for overnight sleeping/ or if you can make it suitable. Happy shopping (its an actual minefield!!)
  6. And I'm guessing it's to do with back support if mattress suitable... Doesn't help much though, sorry!
  7. Interesting.....
    We took the moses basket out of the loft yesterday to discover it has gone mouldy (so obviously am chucking it lol).
    The mattress on it is seriously cack. I have no intention of buying another one as it was one of the most useless things I had with my daughter. She NEVER slept in it during the day and on one occasion my husband managed to tip her out of it (which worries me more with #2 and a toddler). She never slept in it at all after 6 weeks!
    I intend to use carrycot and move baby into proper cot at night once he/she is big enough to wear a gro-bag (although this confuses me as I have some 'older' ones that say from 7lbs but I am guessing there is a reason the guidance on this was changed). According to google carrycot I have is OK for overnight sleeping.
  8. Hi All,
    I have managed to find a travel system that I like and I have now found that Mothercare sell carrycot mattresses...I can only assume its suitable for over night sleeping otherwise they wouldn't sell it, but I do intend to ask when I eventually buy it all.
    It seemed like a logical solution to me and yes....brettgirl I too am worried about baby being knocked over/out of a moses basket especially as I have 2 Newfoundland dogs!!!!
    Mission accomplised.....so now to relax in what is left of the holidays

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