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carroll diagrams in year 3/4

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Gila, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. hi, I'm being observed in a year 3/4 class next week and am planning a lesson on Carroll diagrams. I'm suddenly worried whether it will be too easy for the class - how good is this age group doing this, seeing that it's the end of the academic year? Thanks for any advice.
  2. You can differentiate easily by increaing the amount of rings.
    Is this a numeracy lesson?
    For example with 2 rings you can have factors of 16 and Factors of 24 then add a ring - odd numbers.
    I like to put PE hoops on the floor and give out post it notes for the children. They write numbers on them and put them in the correct hoops.

  3. thanks for that, my interview is on Friday and I will make sure that I discuss patterns found, great idea.
  4. All the best for tomorrow!
  5. I agree - good luck.
    I wanted to add that in the scheme we use, in year 4, when we cover the Carroll diagrams, the differentiation is by how many areas of maths are covered.
    E.g. the given examples have
    Lower ability - only having to concentrate on using the diagram correctly. They are sorting letters in a given couple of sentences that are written in different colours. Sorting is something like vowels, consonants, red, blue.
    Middle ability - concentrating on using the diagram and their knowledge of shapes. E.g. number of sides and number of right angles.
    Upper ability - concentrating on using the diagram and their knowledge of number.
    E.g. odd, even, multiples of 3, multiples of 5.

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