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Careers software

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by knackers, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I'm looking to buy in some careers software which has the ability to suggest careers to students as well as offer them a database of careers to search. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with any advice based on experience.
    The only ones I've had a look at so far are:
    Cascaid - there seems to be a bit too much going on on this - it didn't look like the sort of thing that students could easily use on their own without much guidance (the easier the better - some of them are going to be quite casual users, and a PLTS profile isn't going to help them at all!)
    Careersoft - It seems OK but the appearance put me off slightly. A small issue maybe.
    Fast Tomato - this one seems OK. It might look a bit old fashioned, but is well laid out and looks easy to use. Students seem to be able to take as interactive or as causal approach to using it as they like.
    Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. lol55

    lol55 New commenter


    I have just logged in to ask the exact same question!

    Did you have any success here?

  3. Virtual-College

    Virtual-College New commenter

    Hi knackers and lol55,

    There's a free online resource launched only in November 2015 called Career VOOCs (vocational open online courses). There are 9 free Career VOOCs (vocational open online courses) for pupils and teachers to watch so far, with more in development, covering IT, Active Leisure, Accountancy, Hair & Beauty, Hospitality, Retail, Construction, Social Care and Childcare.

    Each VOOC explains about the sector, allows students to take a self-assessment quiz to understand their skills and values, gives information on job roles in each sector detailing salary expectations, working conditions and day-to-day tasks, and shows next steps for each career path.

    Access is via a self-reg form on the website and is pretty much instant - this means you can access it yourself first and see if it suits your needs. There's a Teacher Pack on the resources page which offers lessons plans to incorporate it into the curriculum. www.careervooc.co.uk

    Is this the kind of thing you were looking for?
  4. lemontee

    lemontee New commenter

    Have a look at www.plotr.co.uk - it's a free online resource which offers 'The Game' which during completion offers up careers which are matching the students respones
  5. moneypenny2k

    moneypenny2k New commenter

    HI, Why are you particularly looking for careers matching software? The current thinking is that the theory of careers matching is no longer relevant. There are too many influences on the employment market to make careers matching anywhere near accurate or relevant. Plus young people tend to be dismissive of them, often responding to the first job type with something along the lines of "It says I should be a xxx, stuff that".

    Chaos theory expounds that the influences on young people are often outside of their control - Local labour market information (LMI) health,influences of parents, friends, health, the economy, media, education, gender, politics, geography, the environment and an almost infinite list of other factors.

    Whilst I appreciate your eyes have probably glazed over I suggest you have a look at the Career Development Institute's framework for Careers, Employability & Enterprise and their suggestions for what good careers guidance looks likehttp://www.thecdi.net/write/BP385-CDI_Framework-web.pdf

    Finally if you're still keen on a matching software option I'd have a look at www.could.com whose matching 'game' is much shorter and more user friendly than Plotrs

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