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Careers in ICT /Computing

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by ZaphodFJ, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Before you start trolling, please note it is the main paper for advertising jobs in Northern Ireland. It also carries ads for northern parts of the Republic of Ireland - especially in the technology sector, to take advantage of the available talent. English schools regularly place adverts, presumably for similar reasons.
    Likewise, the Manchester Evening News is not confined to Manchester.
  2. It's not trolling to say that this is a piddling little town you can walk around in 5 minutes and is not really indicative of anything.

  3. dani2006

    dani2006 New commenter

    excellent post by the way....I am looking for something similar like that to help students made aware of ICT in the work place.

  4. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    All the jobs in your area are for grumpy old bu**ers teaching VB6 I suppose .....

  5. You've put a few applications in then?
  6. If you had actually read the post and had a knowledge of geography you'd know the paper has a primary catchment roughly the size of Yorkshire, with extensive 'spillover'. As Ireland's second-largest city, it's far from being the 5-minute hamlet you are thinking of.
    Most jobs in the area are in embedded devices (C), web apps (Java), industrial-scale databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle). C# is catching on. Some COBOL still used afaik.
    No jobs for VB 6.

  7. I do find that people often develop a stupid and silly pride in the pits that they live in or are born in.
    It's delusional to see Belfast as anything but a patheitc non-entitiy of a town; it's tiny for God's sake.
  8. Trolls like you would be at home among the leprechauns.
  9. I'm not a troll just because I disagree with you.
    Yes, I would be at home - I was born there.
  10. It's actually quite a good newspaper - had a very good reputation for independent reporting for many years despite whatever the locals threw at it (literally!).

    Friends of mine are employed in IT over there and they have been employed for over a decade. Given the exceptionally high percentage of employment in the public sector, it's good to see that there are private sector companies advertising surely?
  11. Yep i'd like to see more success stories like this - one of my BTec students got a job at the first time of trying (at 18yrs old) a month after finishing school at a digital marketing agency - a great effort and they only applied for two jobs and got one interview within a week!

    I'd like to see more success stories like this so we could use it to motivate kids to take up iT and Computing!

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