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Careers advice please

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by funkychick88, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I am in my third year of teaching and have been in the same school for the duration of this time. It is an independant prep school and I work in the pre-prep department. I began in Reception where I taught for 2 years and am now currently teaching in Year 1.

    I wanted advice really as to my options and how potential employers will view my experience. Have I lost any chance of working in the state sector? I do feel that I am not developing my skills quite like I would be if I was in a state school. Would this be correct? It is hard for me to evaluate the situation when I do not have other schools to compare with. I worry that maybe I would not cope back in the state sector.

    How long should you stay in your first post, irrespective of what sector you are in? Is there a good time span? Would it benefit me to stay in my current year group for a second year?

    I always get comments about how nice my school must be, how good the kids must be and how lucky I am. I wouldnt say this is a true statement. Working in the independant sector was never my asperations, I simply wanted to job for the September after I graduated and was very lucky to find myself in that situation when many that I graduated with were not.

    Much advice needed and welcomed,


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