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Career Progression when part time and PPA

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by pepsi_kda, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. pepsi_kda

    pepsi_kda New commenter

    My career (of 10 years) has taken a huge step backwards since having my first child and is now continuing to head in the wrong direction. How can I turn it around?

    In my previous post I coordinated 2 subjects (one core and one foundation) and I mentored students. Due to my husband's new job we had to relocate at quite short notice and, reluctantly, I had to leave that school.

    In my new post, I took a slight step back as all the core coordinator roles were already filled. However, after a year I was put on the outstanding teacher programme and felt I was beginning to get back on track. Then, happily, I became pregnant.

    On returning to work after maternity leave in September I am going to be part time, 3 days a week. I had hoped (and, stupidly, assumed) I would be able to return to a job share as a class teacher. However, the Head will only allow me to return as PPA cover teacher. He had spoken about making me an NQT or student mentor but this is no longer going to happen. The teachers who completed the outstanding teacher programme are now KS leaders with TLRs. The Head knows I am unhappy with the situation and is 'looking for a role' for me. We are going to meet about it in September. I'd like to go to him with ideas/a plan to try and get my career moving back in the right direction.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, please, as to training or roles I could take?

    (It's worth mentioning that I've been told I'll never have my own class at this school as long as I'm part time as the Head only wants one teacher per class and no job shares).

    Thank you!
  2. juliethill

    juliethill New commenter

    I would check with your union to see whether what he is proposing is even legal....as I understood it you have the right to return to your job, or equivalent and it should have been kept open for you if you have not taken longer than the usual maternity leave. However this may be impoacted by your returning only part-time, but again I thought that you were not allowed to be discriminated against if you return part-time....go straight to your union and see what they suggest...bloody men - they have no idea what it's like trying to meld home and work....hope your meeting went well in September?

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